MEMORY LANE: Going to the gym is nothing new in Grantham

Regular Grantham Journal Memory Lane contributor Stan Matthews dropped off this collection of snaps from his bodybuilding days.

Padgett and Halls coal delivery fleet at the Old Wharf.

MEMORY LANE: Padgett and Halls boss recalls when ‘coal was king’ in Grantham

Grantham Journal reader John Roberts, of South Witham, posted these photographs to us last week.

Grantham's Nottingham Forest fans on their way to Munich in 1979. What chance Forest, eh?

MEMORY LANE: Grantham’s Nottingham Forest fans headed to 1979 European Cup Final: what chance would Cloughie’s boys have?

Members of the Nottingham Forest Supporters Club (Grantham branch) are pictured before they boarded the coach to Munich, where Brian Clough’s team were set to take on Swedish club Malmo in the 1979 European Cup final.

Grantham rail crash, 1906.

MEMORY LANE: Driver Fred was one of 14 killed in Grantham rail disaster

Regular Memory Lane contributor Mike Matsell dropped off these photos that recall the well-documented Grantham railway crash of September 19, 1906.

Laurel and Hardy at the Plough Inn, Barkston, in 1947.

MEMORY LANE: Laurel and Hardy paid a visit to Barkston 70 years ago

Following on from last month’s recollection of Laurel and Hardy’s appearance in Grantham in 1952, the photo above recalls an earlier visit to the area in 1947.

Memory Lane: Matsell

MEMORY LANE: Policeman Henry Matsell was stationed at Corby Glen

Regular Memory Lane contributor Mike Matsell popped into the Grantham Journal office this week to drop off a few photographs from his collection.

Red Holloway and Sonny Stitt

MEMORY LANE: 1980s Belton Jazz Festival attracted the stars and the crowds

An enthusiastic audience appreciated the delights of Belton Jazz Festival in 1983.

Welbourn's tobacconists

MEMORY LANE: ‘High class tobacconists’ was relocated to Grantham’s Westgate

H. Welbourn and Son’s ‘high class tobacconists’ shop is pictured in Westgate, back in 1982.

St Wulfram's choristers, 1985.

MEMORY LANE: St Wulfram’s choristers were first in Grantham Journal colour

The photo of choristers in St Wulfram’s was taken in 1985 and was actually the first colour picture to appear in the Grantham Journal.

Poachers Motor Club

MEMORY LANE: Grantham-based motoring club switched venues in 1960

Poachers Motor Club found Wyndham Park too wet for their rally in 1960, so they moved to the former RAF Regiment parade ground at Alma Park.

Widow Madge being presented with a Terry Shelbourne caricature of her husband Harry Sanders, with Dave France of Radio Lincolnshire.

MEMORY LANE: Photos bring back memories of Grantham Granada’s Harry

As a follow-up to the Memory Lane article a fortnight ago that commemorated the 30th anniversary of a tribute show to former manager of Grantham’s Granada Theatre/Cinema, Harry Sanders, his son Howard got in touch with the Journal and sent in some photographs from the night in 1987.

Then & Now with Grantham Civic Society: Waterloo House was named after the battle

Then & Now with Grantham Civic Society: Waterloo House was named after the battle

Waterloo House was named after the battle fought in 1815 and was built about 1865. It was next to the George Hotel and extended to the corner of Guildhall Street.

Memory Lane: Flying Scotsman

Loco was Flying past Grantham in the 1960s

Regular Memory Lane contributor Stan Matthews dropped off this snap of the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive.

Postal workers, 1935.

Grantham’s postal workers were snappy dressers back in the 1930s

This large, professionally taken black and white print was brought in by Grantham Journal reader Robert Geeson.

Granada, Grantham.

MEMORY LANE: 30th anniversary of Harry Sanders tribute show at Grantham’s Granada

Local historian Stan Matthews dropped off some memorabilia at the Journal office to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a tribute show to the former manager of Grantham’s Granada Theatre/Cinema – Harry Sanders.


Then & Now with Grantham Civic Society: A Franciscan friary site for 250 years

The Franciscan friars were settled in Grantham before November 27, 1290, when Pope Nicholas IV granted them an indulgence.

Laurel and Hardy in Grantham, 1952.

MEMORY LANE: Comedy duo Laurel and Hardy opened trades fair in Grantham

Comedy stars of the silver screen, Laurel and Hardy came to Grantham in 1952 to open the Chamber of Trade’s fair at the Guildhall.

Ancaster FC

MEMORY LANE: Ancaster triumphed in snowy 1979 Senior KO Cup clash

Ancaster marched on to the next round of the Grantham Saturday League Senior Knockout Cup after they defeated Woolsthorpe 2 -1 in February, 1979.

Burton Coggles Village Hall Concert Group, 1955.

MEMORY LANE: Burton Coggles group put on first peacetime show in 1955

Burton Coggles Village Hall Concert Group’s first post-war show attracted a full house in February of 1955.

St Peter's Hill

Memory Lane: St Peter’s Hill between the wars

These photographs are just two of many submitted to the Grantham Journal of late, these depicting the opposite ends of St Peter’s Hill.

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