RAF personnel based at St Vincent’s before Bomber Command take over

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FOLLOWING last week’s look at the rich history of St Vincent’s, Journal reader Betty Cobb got in touch with a few photographs from her family’s past.

The main photograph shows the RAF personnel stationed at St Vincent’s and was taken some time between 1927 and 1933.

The building was sold to the Air Council for £6,500 in the early 1920s and housed No 23 Training Group, who remained there until HQ 5 Group Bomber Command took over in September, 1937.

Betty’s father, Charles Lawrence, is pictured in the middle-row, third from the right.

He is also pictured (portrait) in his flying corps uniform when he joined up in 1925. The uniform is very different to the one he wore in the St Vincent’s photograph.

Mrs Cobb recalls of her father: “During the war we didn’t see him for five years. He spent time in Egypt and I have a picture of him when he was there too.”