Advice to Grantham residents at risk of flooding

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RESIDENTS are advised to protect their homes against flooding.

Advice has been issued by Lincolnshire County Council, and includes:

* Be aware of the latest news, weather reports and any flood warning in force from the Environment Agency;

* Ensure that you understand the flood warning system;

* If flooding is imminent, turn off gas, electricity and water at the mains;

* Unplug electrical items and move them upstairs if possible;

* Move furniture and any sentimental items upstairs if possible;

* Install sandbags and/or flood boards to external doors, cover up airbricks;

* If there are any vulnerable neighbours living nearby ensure that they are also prepared;

* Ensure safety of pets and animals.

* Confirm that you are properly insured under the terms and conditions of your insurance polcy.

For further advice on what to do in the event of flooding, visit