Grantham ‘We Want to Work’ campaign triggers a dramatic response

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The Journal employment campaign aims to help find jobs for local people who really do want to work.

Since the campaign began A4e, the company which helps the unemployed with training and finding work, has noticed a dramatic response from potential employers.

Companies have been in contact offering various opportunities and even taking the time to set up 
mock interviews with the jobseekers.

Business leader at A4e Sally Tebbs said: “I am pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction from local employers within such a short space of time following the article.

“The campaign has given purpose to those involved and has highlighted the barriers and issues that our customers face and how important it is for employers to work together with our unemployed population to overcome 

“I am hoping that this campaign results in local employers looking to the unemployed labour market to fill vacancies and help in building a skilled and experienced work force.”

If you have a job opportunity contact A4e on 01476 516180.