Alcoholic returned to crime scene in Grantham

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An alcoholic who stole cans of lager was arrested when he walked past the same shop while a member of staff was giving a statement to the police.

Mark Hadaway, 41, who lives in a hostel in Barrowby Road in Grantham, was seen acting strangely in Bargain Booze in Westgate by staff.

Upon leaving the shop the member of staff checked CCTV and saw Hadaway place cans in his pockets then walk out.

They then rang the police and an officer arrived to take a statement. It was while giving that statement the member of staff saw Hadaway walk past the shop. Hadaway was pointed out to the police officer and arrested.

Hadaway admitted theft and was fined £70. He must also pay a victim surcharge of £20, £40 in costs and compensation of £7.20.