Grantham court: Drinker steals from three town stores

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A drunken thief stole items from three shops in succession on Grantham high street.

Robert Henry, 24, of Shaw Road, Grantham, pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of vodka worth £6.49 in B&M bargains, followed by a set of Samsung headphones valued at £19.19 from Carphone Warehouse and finally toiletries worth £3.99 from Savers.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare told the court that on March 5 Henry entered B&M Bargains intoxicated and selected the bottle of vodka which he “concealed about his person”.

He was seen by an off-duty security officer and followed out. He then went into Carphone Warehouse where he took the headphones and hid them in his clothing.

He moved on to Savers where he was seen by a supervisor taking razor blades and leaving the shop without paying.

He set the alarm off and was detained outside before police arrived and arrested him.

In a police interview, he said the thefts were down to him being drunk.

The court heard that Henry had a lengthy record of 55 offences, 28 of them for dishonesty.

He had also served a custodial sentence in 2012.

Julian Sheen, defending, said Henry came from Northern Ireland and had only been in this coutry for three months, living with his sister.

Mr Sheen said: “She has made it clear she is not going to allow him to drink and if he does drink he cannot go back to the house.

“He has started work with an agency and has reasonably regular work.

“It appears his record is very bad but these are matters at the lower end.”

Magistrates fined Henry a total of £270 for all three offences.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.