Grantham court: Drug was found in back of police van

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A bag containing an illegal drug was found on the floor of a police van.

The drug was found by officers after arresting Josh Garner, 18, of Tanners Lane, Corby Glen, who admitted possessing 0.52 grams of MCAT on January 18.

Prosecuting, Daniel Pietryka told the court that Garner had been arrested on a separate matter and put in the van. Officers than found the class B drug on the floor of the van in a small bag. Garner admitted it was his. The court was told he had a drug habit at the time.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Garner was arrested on a Saturday night. He had been brought to the attention of officers who told him to go home, but he refused and wanted to wait for his girlfriend. He was arrested and when he got out of the van at Grantham Police Station, the MCAT was found. Mr Arthur said Garner was already getting help from Addaction at the time.

Magistrates fined Garner £160 and ordered him to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.