Grantham court: Man punched TV during argument with partner

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A South Witham man punched his TV during a “massive” argument with his partner.

Stacey Coupland, 21, of Great Close, admitted criminal damage by smashing the 42-inch TV, causing £200 worth of damage on Saturday (March 1) at home.

Prosecuting, Tracey Ross told Grantham magistrates that Coupland had got home between 10.30pm and 11pm. His partner said he was in a foul mood and had been drinking. There was a “massive” argument over “who had been texting who” and in a temper Coupland punched the TV.

Miss Ross said the couple’s daughter had been present in the house at the time. Coupland had drunk vodka, two cans of beer and a bottle of Blue WKD.

Rory Macmillan, defending, said Coupland had been in a relationship with his partner for three years. She had two children and they had a nine-month-old daughter. He said Coupland admitted punching the TV during an argument.

Mr Macmillan added: “He says they were both to blame for what happened. He is very sorry they had an argument in this way and he feels he should have walked away. He says their relationship has been very stable for a long time.”

The court heard that Coupland and his partner had both drunk the vodka, Blue WKD and beer together.

Mr Macmillan said: “He says this is not likely to happen again especially as he will have to save up to replace the TV which he says is jointly owned.”

The magistrates handed Coupland a 12-month conditional discharge.