Landowners are warned of the threat of illegal raves in Lincolnshire

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Farmers and landowners are urged to be wary following an increase in illegal raves in Lincolnshire.

The Country, Land and Business Association (CLA) is warning those with land which might attract the attention of rave organisers to remain vigilant, following a recent spate.

The most recent was at the weekend, on farmland at Dunsby, near Bourne, at which seven people were arrested. Two vehicles and sound systems were also seized by police. Neighbours were disturbed by the noise levels as up to 300 ravers decended on the area.

CLA eastern regional director Nicola Currie said: “Illegal raves and the resulting anti-social behaviour cause a great deal of disruption to local communities.

“These illegal gatherings can create unnecessary problems for landowners, who could fall victim to considerable clean-up costs and expensive repairs to outbuildings. The mess left behind also causes considerable harm to both wildlife and the environment.

“We urge farmers and landowners to help the police by reporting any suspicious activity as early intervention and good local intelligence can prevent these illegal events and organisers can be dealt with appropriately.

“Officers find it much harder to shut down a rave once it has already started so if you spot anyone suspicious who may be conducting early reconnaissance on rural land, or even starting to set up an event, then please report any such activity on the non-emergency number of 101 as soon as possible.”

Officers were unable to shut down the illegal rave at Dunsby on Saturday night due to “insufficient resources on duty”. They instead moved in on Sunday at around 2.30pm.