Letter: Justice is not being done at Grantham Magistrates’ Court

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I always enjoy reading the Court pages of the Grantham Journal every Friday, but I have to say I’m often left somewhat bewildered by some of the sentences passed by magistrates in this town.

Seriously, what’s going on? Have the magistrates all gone soft or something?

I should think that some of the shoddy sentences passed by magistrates make the police bang their heads against the wall and wonder why they even bother?

How is it that someone can randomly assault another person in the street completely unprovoked, causing injury, and then assault a police officer, yet the only punishment received is a fine, and a pathetic one at that? How is it right that a police officer only receives half the amount of compensation? Is it cheaper to assault a police

officer or something? Is the

police officer not a victim too?

Just this week the same thing happened in London to a young female and the offender was remanded to prison after pleading guilty?

How is it that people can breach court orders and conditions yet absolutely nothing happens to them? How does that help and protect the victims?

Why do repeat criminals get chance after chance to change the error of their ways? I can only conclude that the majority of the magistrates are so forgiving because none of the crime that forgoes the court has ever impacted on their lives whatsoever and that they merely enjoy the title of Justice of the Peace.

Personally I’m annoyed and fed up with reading about the criminals that drag this town down time and time again, getting away with anything and everything and the lenient sentences magistrates pass week after week. The criminals must laugh every time they walk out of the courthouse doors, having received yet another community order, conditional discharge or low level fine – it’s not exactly crime deterring stuff is it? The buck should stop with the courts and they need to get a grip and start handing out some serious sentences.

I accept that some people who commit crime do so to fund habits, and all the excuses that go with that, and no doubt the defence solicitors do an excellent job for their clientele and paint a wonderfully sympathetic picture.

But, there are some people going before the courts who are blatantly taking the biscuit, and in all honesty I feel embarrassed and frustated sometimes by the lack of justice and action passed by the court.


Sunningdale, Grantham