Police urge Grantham residents to be vigilant with heat wave on the way

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Lincolnshire Police is urging householders to remain vigilant around the home with the forecast of a heat wave in the region.

Police say ‘insecurity burglaries’ are all too easy for offenders to carry out. Incidents have been on the rise in the county over the last few weeks where householders have left windows and doors open or unlocked and burglars have snuck in and simply lifted high-value electrical items. This can happen even when the occupants are at home and can often take a while to realise anything has even been taken because the break-in is not obvious.

Some people have been leaving doors unlocked and ground floor windows open all night as they go to bed. This is all too easy an opportunity for burglars to creep in overnight, quickly and quietly take anything obvious of value, and creep back out.

With recent good weather it is tempting to open doors and windows and let the fresh air in but officers are urging people to remain alert and vigilant around home security while still enjoying the summery weather.

Chief Inspector Stewart Brinn said: “These criminals are opportunists. If you give them a chance they will take it, and take your possessions as they go. We appreciate that it is easy to forget to be as vigilant around home security now as in the winter months but that is exactly what burglars are banking on. The fact that it is warm and lighter in the evenings, that you are sitting in your garden enjoying the weather, does not mean that if your front door is unlocked or your living room window left open a potential burglar isn’t going to use the chance to get in quickly - and almost unseen - and take what he or she wants.

“These people have no scruples. They will walk into a house that has an unlocked door whether it is 7 o’clock in the evening and still light outside with lots of people around, or 2 o’clock in the morning when it is dark and quiet. They will take any easy to shift electrical items, or anything else left lying around that may be of value, and disappear again.

“We don’t in any way want to lessen people’s enjoyment of the lovely weather but ask them to please, please, spend just a couple of minutes checking doors and windows to not give potential criminals even a chance.

“Remember – it takes just 30 seconds to lock it. It takes a criminal 10 seconds to walk in and lift it. They really can be that quick.

“We also need to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious relating to home security. For example, if you have seen a number of youths knocking on house doors during the daytime and it strikes you as odd, or see someone in the area who may be acting suspiciously, please let us know. Even if it turns out to be nothing we would rather rule out that possibility than have a number of people going through the awful experience of being burgled.”

Student accommodation can also often be of interest to potential criminals because it is usually shared by a number of people. Allowing burglars easy access to these properties by leaving them insecure means offenders can get away with a number of high-value goods such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets all in one go.

Sheds and garages are also not exempt from the necessity for tight security measures. There have been a number of incidents reported to police over the last few weeks where items such as lawnmowers, pushbikes, tools and gardening equipment have been taken from sheds and garages that are easy to break into.

If you have been a victim of burglary, or have any information relating to any suspicious activity around burglaries, please contact Lincolnshire Police on the non-emergency number 101.

For further information about home security please contact your local Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor.