Dambusters dig to find secret bunker

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ARCHAEOLOGISTS have begun an investigation at the home of the Dambusters in a bid to find a secret hidden bunker.

St Vincent’s, off Harrowby Road in Grantham, will forever be assured a place in British history as the headquarters for No. 5 Bomber Group during the Second World War and the birthplace of the Dambusters.

‘Bomber’ Harris and Barnes Wallis were both at St Vincent’s the night of the Dambusters raids.

Now, more than 70 years later, St Vincent’s will welcome investigators from Grantham Archaeology Group to find out what secrets the building still holds.

David Hibbitt, of Grantham Archaeology Group, said: “Shrouded in secrecy the building was converted to suit the needs of Bomber Command, including a mass of communication equipment, control rooms, back up generators, switchboards and so on.

“Many additional buildings were constructed in the grounds including a large briefing room attached to the house and several other unidentified buildings in the grounds.

“Perhaps the most enigmatic reference talks of an underground bunker close to the house, and this is where Grantham Archaeology Group, in association with the Great War Archaeology Group come in.”

Initial work began on Saturday (June 12), with more visits planned through to August.

The archaeological group was invited in by the owner of St Vincent’s, Graham Jeal, who hopes the bunker can be located.

David said: “We only have one reference to the underground bunker, and this was in an interview with a man who used to work at St Vincent’s. His description of the location is quite precise, and this will be the next thing we try to find using geophysics and excavation.

“Proving the existence of the bunker is the main aim of the work.”

l The group is keen to hear from anyone who worked at St Vincent’s during the war or has any old photographs. Tel: 07976981027 or e-mail: granthamarchaeologygroup@yahoo.co.uk