Dee is reunited with her dog three years after going missing from her Grantham home

Dee Richardson and her dog Kaytee. 1042D
Dee Richardson and her dog Kaytee. 1042D
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A woman has been reunited with her dog almost four years after the German Shepherd went missing.

Dee Richardson, of Denton Avenue, Grantham, and her dog Kaytee were back together again at the weekend after she saw a picture of her beloved pet on a dog rescue website.

Dee said she had lost hope of ever seeing Kaytee, who is now 14, and had gone on to the UK German Shepherd Rescue site during a moment of boredom only to see the photo of her dog.

“I knew straight away it was her. My husband and daughter went down to Bournemouth on Sunday to fetch her and she gave them both a big kiss.

“When she got home she came and gave me a big cuddle and a kiss and then she went running to where her food bowl used to be!”

Kaytee had been with the family since eight weeks old. She went missing from the garden almost four years ago in June. Dee found her collar with name tag near the gate which makes her think somebody took her.

Dee said: “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw that photo. It was lovely to have her back. I won’t be letting her out of my sight.”

She thanked the UK-GSR website for their help. Kaytee had been in care in Norfolk before going to the home in Bournemouth, but the circumstances of the owner changed and they could no longer look after Kaytee, so her photo was put on the website.