Desperate plea for help in finding missing dog, a companion to severely disabled young boy

Toby Speed and his missing labrador Kaye.
Toby Speed and his missing labrador Kaye.
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A young boy with cerebral palsy is devastated by the loss of his beloved pet dog which went missing during a walk.

Toby Speed, 9, is very close to his fox red labrador Kaye, a bitch which is being trained as an assistance dog to help the severely disabled young boy.

She was being walked with two other dogs late on Tuesday afternoon by his grandmother, along a bridleway off Teigh Road, near Market Overton.

Toby’s mother, Camilla, said: “My mother noticed that Kaye had run into a wheat field and when she started to call her I suspect Kaye could not hear her due to the tall rustling crops.

“My other two children and I searched all evening, then when they went to bed I continued at two hourly intervals returning to the spot she was last seen.”

Desperate to track her down, Camilla posted the news on Facebook pages, and called vets, dog wardens and charities.

Shortly after, a response came via Facebook, from a family in Market Overton. They said they had been walking their dog in the area at around 7pm when they saw a white pick-up stop near the bridleway and a man holding a labrador.

Toby is devastated by the loss of his dog. Camilla said: “He adores her and she him, which is making this loss even harder. He is aware of her absence and keeps calling for her and looking around for her, and would hardly eat this morning as a result.”

The Speed family is appealing for anyone who has seen Kaye or who might be looking after her to get in touch.

Kaye, aged 1, is described as being a dark yellow and wearing an Argentine polo dog collar, in a dark blue and pale blue/white pattern. She is not spayed but is microchipped.

Camilla said: “We’re just desperate to get the word out as much as possible as she is so important to my little boy; she’s more than just an ordinary pet, she’s a proper independent friend and carer and they communicate in their own way without need for formal language. There is a deep love and bond that can’t really be described.

“If she has been picked up by someone, we would really love them to know how desperate we are to have her safely back home with Toby or if indeed this person driving the vehicle was not involved then we know to keep concentrating our search in the same area she went from.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 07855 613529, 07887 890114 or 01572 787466.