Parents and pupils protest at proposed closure of Charles Read Academy

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Parents and students held a protest outside Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen this afternoon (Thursday) against the proposed closure of the school.

Pupils joined their parents in front of the school carrying banners and posters saying’ Save our school’. A Facebook page set up just three days ago by parent Laura Hilton has already attracted 200 names. She said: “The students have made some very close friends and it could be very detrimental to move them away. They could lose contact with friends and some children take a long time to form friendships.”

Pupils protest at Charles Read Academy at the proposed closure of the school. Photo: 050A

Pupils protest at Charles Read Academy at the proposed closure of the school. Photo: 050A

Protest organiser Sharon Broughton-Eley, a parent with three special needs children at the school, said she had hoped more people would have joined in but is organising another protest at the school for February 15. She has also arranged for petitions to be available for signing outside Morrisons in Grantham on Saturday (February 9).

Speaking at the protest, parent Nettie Lohmann-Bond, who has two boys at the school, said she had moved her family to Little Bytham to be closer to the school. She said: “I think it’s quite devastating if they close the school. It is providing something quite rare because other schools are much, much bigger and students lose their identity when in a big school.”

Jacob Doughty said his daughter was taking her GCSEs at the school, including land studies, a subject which he said is not available in other schools nearby. He said if the school closed other students, including his son in Year 8, would lose the option to take it.

The West Grantham Academies Trust last week announced its proposal to close the school and move its 230 pupils to St Hugh’s Academy in Grantham by September 2014.

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