Video 1 of 2: Poppy seeds scattered by Grantham youngsters to mark war centenary

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Thousands of poppy seeds have been scattered on a patch of grass at Grantham Cemetery to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Come August, the mature tree at the centre of a small roundabout in the cemetery will be surrounded by beautiful poppies, thanks to Year 6 pupils of St Mary’s Primary School.

Half the class walked to the roundabout on Tuesday afternoon, where some read out poems and prayers, and also excerpts from diary entries they imagined soldiers fighting in the war might write. They then set to work scattering poppy seeds across the grass, which has been fenced off to allow the flowers to grow.

Year 6 teacher David Nicholson accompanied the children. He said: “We’ve been doing a project in school on World War One so the children had more of an idea of why they’re planting poppies and the importance of it all.”

Behind the poppy planting scheme are Grantham businessmen Ged McKnight, an ex-RAF serviceman, and Dean Ward, who is ex RAF Regiment.

Ged applauded the schoolchildren and they effort they went to mark the occasion.

He said: “It was absolutely fantastic listening to the children talk about what they’ve learned about the First World War and other wars, and how people have given their lives for their freedom and for what they enjoy nowadays.

“Hopefully they’re going to go away from this with a greater understanding of the sacrifices of some people.”




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