Great GCSE results rank Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School 26th in league tables

KGGS, Grantham.
KGGS, Grantham.
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Grantham is “lucky” to have a school in the GCSE league table top 30.

The hard work of pupils of Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School has seen the school come 26th in the table, published on Thursday.

But headteacher Graham Burks has played it down, saying: “It’s good fun and great for the school community but we mustn’t take these tables too seriously. The 100 per cent 5 A* - C including English and mathematics appears to be one of the most significant headlines but there is a lot of luck involved.

“We all work hard every year and with every student to achieve this statistic. In recent years we have always been close, very close but it has been evasive. We only need one student to move schools after January to effect this, one or two students with health issues to become very poorly or have an accident and the statistic isn’t achieved.”

Mr Burks said the figures that “really matter” are the value added figures, which show the educational value added to each child.

He said: “Ranked 26th in the country is very impressive but, again, what does this mean? This, the average point score at GCSE is a measure that has not been highlighted before. Our students typically take 11.5 GCSEs and do very well, they also take a qualification in Year 9 that counts as a GCSE, this has been included.

“The figures that really matter are the value added figures. The actual educational value you add to each child and again KGGS does very well as a grammar school in Lincolnshire. KGGS was the highest performer last year but pipped into second place at GCSE by Kesteven and Sleaford Girls’ by a very small margin this year, by the value added score based on each student’s best eight subjects at GCSE.

“King’s School also achieved very well by this far more significant measure this year, coming third out of the Lincolnshire grammar schools. All three schools were ranked in the top 10 secondary schools in Lincolnshire for value added at GCSE which is very impressive for three grammar schools.

“We are expected to achieve well but to add value to students already defined as bright - very bright is very difficult to achieve consistently. There is little or no margin of error. Walton Girls’ High School also appeared in the top 10 of schools in Lincolnshire for value added at GCSE.

“It’s difficult to compare to compare the statistics presented in the media each year as each year they appear to choose a different measure. Grantham and the surrounding area should be proud not of the statistics we have seen published in recent days but of the value our schools are adding to our students. Staff are focussed and working hard and we are well supported by our parents.”