‘To see it now, it’s a dream.’

70th anniversary of Wyndham Park Nursery. Barbara Teague cutting ribbon of new library. 760C
70th anniversary of Wyndham Park Nursery. Barbara Teague cutting ribbon of new library. 760C
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Wyndham Park Nursery School children and staff, past and present, celebrated its 70th anniversary on Wednesday with a party and library opening.

Barbara Teague, one of the original nursery nurses, cut the ribbon to open the new library.

She was pleased to visit and join in the celebrations, saying her opinions of the nursery, which was recently graded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, where very high.

She said: “I thought it was an extremely friendly and well organised event, I felt very welcome.

“Above all it was lovely to see such a very well equipped and run nursery school, it must make such a difference.”

The nursery opened in August 1942 to allow women to leave their children and go and work in the factories during World War II.

Barbara said: “If you had seen the conditions that we worked in you wouldn’t believe it. It is so, so different. To see it now, it’s a dream.”

When Barbara worked at the nursery during the war it was open from 7am until 7pm and took in children as young as one month old.

She said: “Nursery nurses worked terribly hard.”

Teacher at the school Christine Andrews helped to organise the 70th celebrations, which were attended by 30 people including former staff.

She said: “It was lovely, a very happy occasion. It shows that we are still a good nursery, we got an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report and we are going on from strength to strength serving the community.”

During the nursery’s 70 years there have been some significant changes including the erection of a new building, the change from a day nursery to a nursery school and most recently the newly built library room.

Christine said: “We are delighted with the new library. It’s setting is more on the playground where parents and children can use it and there is additional space.”

l Do you have memories from the park? If so The Wyndham Park Forum would like to hear from you.

It is working on a project with Heritage Lottery and Gravity FM to preserve memories of the early days of the park for future generations. This involves collecting stories and memories of the park for a radio show.

In addition the forum is working with South Kesteven District Council on a major project of park improvements which will require external funding. In order to be able to put in an application for Heritage Lottery funding for the improvements, the Forum needs to collate pictures and memories of Wyndham Park from the people of Grantham.

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