Journal front page couple celebrate their 20th anniversary today, on Christmas Eve

How the Journal covered Richard and Suzanne Fenn's wedding 20 years ago.

How the Journal covered Richard and Suzanne Fenn's wedding 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago Richard Fenn learned that he was going to get married... the next day!

Richard’s fiancee Suzanne broke the news on December 23, and so the couple tied the knot at Grantham Register Office on Christmas Eve. The unusual day continued when the couple and their guests had a fast-food reception at McDonald’s 
following the ceremony in which they wore jeans and jumpers.

The Journal covered the story, left, with the headline “Marry me - tomorrow!”.

Talking about the sudden news, Richard told the Journal at the time: “I felt sick to start with. We should have gone out for a meal that night, but we had to cancel. I was all of a dither.”

Suzanne, 47, told the Journal this week: “We had been engaged for a couple of years so I knew Richard would say yes. It was a done deal. The day was exactly what I wanted.”

Suzanne explained to the Journal 20 years ago that she had wanted something different on her wedding day because her parents had both died the year before. The Journal reported Richard footed the McDonald’s bill which came to £27.

Richard, 48, said this week: “It was very much spur of the moment. I knew nothing about it. It was weird and wonderful.”

The couple went on honeymoon to Egypt. Suzanne had organised the trip to the Middle Eastern country which had been a dream of Richard’s.

The couple now have a daughter Issy, 14, and live in Tyson Close.

Suzanne works as an administrator at Sandon School and Richard works for himself renovating houses. Issy is a pupil at KGGS.

In January 1994, just after returning from their honeymoon, Suzanne told the Journal: “People have said it was really romantic, but I wasn’t thinking about the romance element. I was too busy trying to make it different.”

Suzanne and Richard are also pictured this year with daughter Issy.




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