Memory Lane: Girls’ school was brimming with young ladies in the 1950s

Memory Lane: KGGS, 1955

Memory Lane: KGGS, 1955

A panoramic photograph of Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School pupils has been expertly split into three by Michael Matsell, a regular contributor to the Memory Lane pages.

The picture was taken in 1955 and features pupils and teachers.

Mr Matsell said: “Some of the teachers are Miss Gillies the headmistress, Miss Cooper, Miss Hurst and Miss Hastings. The girls, as they do today, wore bklue uniforms and in the summer looked lovely in straw hats.”

Reminiscing, Mr Matsell said: “In 1946, Miss Gillies telephoned our headmaster, Mr S. Thorpe, to say that one of his boys was walking to school hand in hand with one of her girls, both in school uniform, and that this must stop as it brings discredit to the schools.

“This was announced at our assembly by Mr Thorpe and the boy responsibile was told he must stop that at once.

“Good old discipline in those days!”




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