Feeling blue? Pick up a mood-boosting read

Pile of books
Pile of books
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Avoid the January blues with a mood-boost courtesy of the Reading Agency, a charity which aims to inspire people to read more.

If you are feeling stressed, depressed or just want a bit of a pick-me-up, boost your mood with a recommended read.

From novels to non-fiction, and from poetry to graphic novels, there is something for every taste and every mood.

Lincolnshire County Council is supporting the initiative, with mood-boosting books being made available in the county’s libraries.

Many colleges, hospitals and workplaces around the county are also getting behind the scheme. Employers keen to show their support are invited to promote mood-boosting books by getting in touch with the charity and requesting a goodie pack.

More information on the scheme can be found at www.readinggroups.org/moodboosting

Readers can post their book recommendations via Twitter by tagging #moodboosting