Government hands out extra £3.3 million to mend pot-holed roads in Lincolnshire

Pothole in Sedgebrook.
Pothole in Sedgebrook.
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The government is making an “exceptional payment” of £3.3 million to Lincolnshire to help repair pot holes in the county’s weather-ravaged roads.

But the payment is a pittance compared to the £400 million Grantham county councillor Richard Davies said it would cost to repair all the pot holes in Lincolnshire.

Mr Davies, head of highways, told the Journal recently: “Last year I met with the Secretary of State for Transport and to bring all of Lincolnshire to the national A-grade standard we would need £400 million, and we currently have about £40 million, although it is going up.”

The £3.3 million payment is part of a £11.7 million package given to the East Midlands by the government and a total of £183.5 million sum for the whole country. Lincolnshire received the biggest slice of cash in the East Midlands.