Grantham court: Women assaulted female constables

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Two young women were sentenced for assaulting two female police officers after magistrates were shown CCTV footage of the incident.

Courtney Jade Rowarth, 18, of Edward Street, Grantham and 20-year-old Bethany Anne Wagstaff of Launds Green, South Witham, both pleaded guilty to assaulting two separate police constables in the excution of their duty.

The case had previously been sent back to police as the CPS believed their offences were more appropriate to be dealt with through a caution or restorative justice, but it returned to magistrates after an out of court order was not acceptable to police.

Prosecutor Shelley Wilson explained how at 2.30am on May 25 several officers were on foot patrol in the Market Place and ran over to a fight outside Faces nightclub.

When a female police sergeant tried to break it up she received a punch to the face from Rowarth, who was then restrained and taken into custody.

Meanwhile Wagstaff was verbally aggressive towards the officers and then pushed another female constable from behind in the lower rib area, which also led to her arrest.

In interview both women said that they had been drinking, and were shocked at their behaviour seen in the CCTV.

Defending Rowarth, Giles Tyas said that his client accepted that she hit the policewoman while throwing her arms about but disputed that it was deliberate, and was actually attempting to seperate Wagstaff from another member of the group.

Mr Tyas added that Rowarth, who works as a cleaner, had not been out in town since this incident as ‘it scared her somewhat as to what can happen.’

In defence of Wagstaff, Rob Arthur said that the CCTV clearly showed that she was under the influence of alcohol, and afterwards she could recall little of what took place.

Employed in a care home, Wagstaff was described as being ashamed that this had damaged her previous good character.

Rowarth was ordered to pay a fine of £110 while Wagstaff was fined £145, and both must also each pay a victim surcharge of £20 and prosecution costs of £85.

On handing down the sentences the magistrates said to the defendants: “The CCTV does not make for pleasant viewing. We hope that’s a lesson learnt particularly where alcohol is concerned. Being drunk and committing this offence is not an excuse.”