Grantham Journal Big Interview: Jutty is so passionate about music

Jutty Fennix. Photo: Kingsley Tudor
Jutty Fennix. Photo: Kingsley Tudor

A music producer is making waves on the local scene after one of his tracks was picked up by the BBC and played on local radio at the weekend. Jutty Fennix, real name Justin, lives in Great Gonerby and produces his music at home on a computer. He hopes that the radio exposure he has received will put him on the road to a future in the industry.

How did you get your track played on the BBC?

Jutty Fennix. Photo: Kingsley Tudor

Jutty Fennix. Photo: Kingsley Tudor

I uploaded my track Carry You, which features vocals by ekicks, on to BBC Introducing. It was played on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on Saturday night. BBC Introducing is a way for new artists to get their music heard so it was amazing to be played on the BBC. I am really excited about it. The track was played as part of a competition and I hope it will mean national recognition for me in the future. I have had a lot of support after it was played on radio, especially from people in Grantham. I went on Gravity FM with Suzie Sparkles and she played my tracks and I was there the whole show. It was great.

How do you produce your music?

I am what I would call a ‘bedroom producer’. I use a Mac with keyboards and a synthesiser. It’s an amazing way of producing music and it means so many people can do it themselves from home. I have a four-year-old daughter and she is my greatest critic. If she doesn’t like it she will let me know. She is my quality control!

Is this just a hobby or do you want to take it further?

I definitely want to take this further and make it my career. I am a flying instructor at RAF Cranwell where I have been for 10 years. But I would like to play my music on a national level. Music is my passion. I have been producing my own music for about two years. I would like to inspire kids who sit in their bedrooms who maybe don’t have much confidence but have that talent. And I would love to work with other artists.

Are you releasing more music in the near future?

Yes. A single called Kante will be released on December 3 and available on iTunes with an album to follow next year. Carry Me and Kante are mixed and produced by me and mastered by Pete Maher.

You can follow Justin at and Listen to Carry You at

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You can also listen to the new single Kante at watch? v=9iYmMVw2yN8&sns=em