Grantham Journal Big Interview: New home for the best new start-up

John Kidd of Buster's Blooms receives the best new start-up award from Thea Hood of sponsors Hood Parkes & Co
John Kidd of Buster's Blooms receives the best new start-up award from Thea Hood of sponsors Hood Parkes & Co
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It all keeps getting bigger and better for winners of the Grantham Journal’s Best New Start-Up Buster’s Blooms, including their shop with the greengrocer’s move into larger premises in the Market Place this week.

Starting with a stall outside his home on Harrowby Road, John Kidd has taken his business to the George Centre and now to this latest site, and he spoke to the Journal about Buster’s Blooms success.

Tell us about the new shop.

The unit on Market Place is bigger so we’ve been able to expand. In such a short time we’ve grown a lot - this is our third premises and each one has got bigger and bigger. Our plan is to have four shops - I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to get there in the end. I cannot fault Grantham Estates for what they’ve done at the new place. They have helped us considerably. Everything as far as I’m concerned is brand new, such as the floor going down this week. And on our first day we were only half open and still had 70 odd customers, and then well over 100 the next day.

What is it about Buster’s Blooms that attracts so many customers?

The feedback I’m getting is that people are happy with the quality, and they are happy with the service. They get a personal service – if they can’t see what they are looking for all they have to do is ask. We give them the time of day. I’ve made some good friends out of running the business. And it’s quite refreshing for customers to come in and buy one item instead of lots. Some people can’t afford to buy a lot, and it also means food isn’t wasted.

What produce do you sell?

We have fresh fruit and veg, free range eggs and are looking into herbs and spices. We are bringing back the Ancaster meats and local honey. We also sell flowers and will be bringing in more plants. And we always have deals on each week, like our fruit and veg bowls which are very popular. People can just drop by and see what’s on offer each week.

Where do you source your produce from?

Quite a lot comes from my friend’s farm near Donington, and I have several wholesalers that I use and markets.

What is your business background?

My background is in the construction industy, helping to build many homes in the area. Due to medical circumstances I couldn’t carry on in construction. I did plants as a hobby outside the front of my house and so we thought we would look into that. I work with the family – my wife Lisa and the children, with the older ones taking over the construction business J.Kidd and Sons. I’ve always been self-employed. I like making my own decisions. Some are good and some are bad, but I relish it.

Any advice for others thinking about starting their own business?

You only get out what you put in.

Buster’s Blooms can now be found at the Market Place, and are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4.30pm on Saturday, and also sell produce at Grantham’s weekly car-boot sale every Sunday.