Grantham Journal letter: Big changes

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I found it difficult to reconcile Peter Clawson’s generous acknowledgement of Nick Boles’ earlier Journal contribution on ‘British values and virtues’ with his somewhat vituperative comments on the Coalition’s stance, particularly as Peter and Nick seem to share some common ground on the subject – if not on many others.

Peter seriously weakens his argument when he claims that privatisation is the curse of traditional British values.

All of governement’s various departments, institutions and quangos are funded by taxes from the private sector.

Many public services are clearly essential (and necessarily paid for by taxes), but Britain became great by enterprise and initiative – not by bureaucracy.

While Peter’s enthusiastic patriotism for traditional British values will be appreciated – certainly by readers of his and my generation – we should all recognise that the world has moved on in the last 70 years and political and religious values have changed dramatically.

Perhaps Peter and I might agree on one thing: nostalgia’s not what it used to be!

Brian Bruce