Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s petition may delay much-needed road

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Two or three years ago I had never heard of Charmaine Morgan, now she is the most publicised local politician we have, appearing in the Journal almost every week in one form or another.

Does she spend a lot of time writing to the Journal or is the Journal always seeking her views?

I was a bit put off sending this comment as, without doubt if she has the time, she will have to reply.

I see she now intends to start a petition against the proposed bypass, or should that read intends to whip up support for as many negative views as she can muster.

Perhaps we will find a bat colony, or rare newt in a section of the river. This may result in further delays to this proposal or build which must be the most consulted plan ever, having had 30 years and many local and national politicians scrutinizing it or similar.

During this time we have seen £multi millions spent on other road schemes in Lincolnshire, in particular Lincoln, who continue to spend vast amounts on bypass after bypass.

This road is required badly, it should have the full backing of all the council, but sadly that has been part of the problem going back many, many years, party over sense, publicity over actions and self interest over representation.

Stuart Allan

By email