Grantham Journal letter: Heed advice before more homes built

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May I thank the Grantham Journal for the article about the Poplar Farm development and the viewing of the plans etc.

Around 2012 I attended some of the meetings concerning the Grantham Area Action Plan. At the last meeting the Government Inspector Roland Punshon of the Planning Inspectorate said Grantham had two large problems – drains and infrastructure. I doubt anything of major significance has been done about these critical problems.

Also, in July 2012, the A52 was closed at both ends due to surface water, effectively closing Grantham down. Barrowby Gate was also flooded in the dip near the lagoons. It may be of interest to mention the jet stream was over our area at the time and we all know what damage that can do in bringing unpredictable weather.

This is before one brick has been laid! Just how many of these people who are making the decision to build so many houses in Grantham actually live here? I understand we need to build houses for people but surely drains and infrastructure should come first. We need a team who can actually plan for Grantham and take Mr Punshon’s advice.

L. Jones

By email