Grantham Journal letter: Not fooled by latest ploy

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Once again Nick Boles is trying to pull the wool over our (the pensioners) eyes.

In his column he says the time has come to thank the pensioners who have been more prudent in recent years, for their patience and forbearance, and for the Government now to share with them some of the fruits of our economical revival.

It hasn’t been the case that most of us have understood that our sacrifice was necessary as he put it, the pensioners haven’t had any choice, just like it or lump it.

The Budget is going to allow pensioners to take a larger lump sum out of their pension pots tax-free and scrapping the rule that forces them to buy an annuity.

This only applies to pensioners-to-be, not the millions who are already pensioners and are tied to fixed contracts with their pensions/annuities who have been affected by the mockery of these annuities and the low interest rates. What is happening to all of these?

The Conservative’s ploy with this Budget is obviously aimed at getting the pensioners’ votes at the next General 

Well I have news for them, there are two pensioners here who have not been hoodwinked.

Alan and Jane Ward

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