Grantham Journal letter: Site worthy of a positive news story

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Mowbeck Way, off Alexander Road, has recently attracted considerable Journal publicity due to a planning application to build an Islamic “community centre” there.

This prompted the English Defence League to organise a rally through Grantham town centre, whereupon the Grantham Solidarity Network was specifically formed to protest against the EDL rally and to organise its own.

We subsequently find out that the application cannot be progressed anyway for technical/legal reasons and we may wonder how much public money has been spent to ensure no major incidents arose from EDL’s and GSN’s futile protest rallies.

Mowbeck Way surely deserves different and far better publicity - simply because that address locates the most excellent recycling facility anyone could wish for. The organisation of the site is totally professional; the signage is clear; nothing is too much trouble for the staff to provide hands-on practical assistance.

I have thanked and applauded the guys at the sharp end on many occasions over the last 20-odd years. They are nothing short of brilliant and if there is a national competition for the best recycling team in the UK they must be red-hot favourites for the title - a splendid example of why Grantham is great!

How sad that ephemeral political posturing can generate more interest than decades spent providing a fantastic public service.

Brian Bruce