Grantham park’s weather vane given new lease of life

Wyndham Park weather vane
Wyndham Park weather vane
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A weather vane which adorned the gatehouse to Wyndham Park is being returned to its former glory thanks to a local businessman and Forces man.

Dean Ward, 49, who runs Rumours lounge bar in Market Place, Grantham, has paid out of his own pocket to have the weather vane repaired.

Mr Ward has paid £100 for the work, which is being done by Roll and Scroll, of Inner Street, Grantham.

Mr Ward said that as a former member of the RAF Regiment he wanted to do something about the vane which is a memorial to those who fought in the First World War.

The vane was taken down last year because the spindle was rusted and the vane had fallen over. One of the pointers was also broken. The parts will be repaired and the vane will be shot-blasted and repainted.

Mr Ward said: “A lot of people were moaning how it had not been put right. The council was saying it had to go to committee and so I said I would take it to Roll and Scroll and pay for it to be put back to its original condition. To their credit they said yes.”

“I’m paying for this myself to cut through the red tape and speed things up. It will take two weeks to repair and then I will give it back to the council.”

The weather vane was made by local craftsman George Musson, who died earlier this year, and mounted on the gatehouse in 1990. It is said George was inspired by a work of First World War poet Wilfred Owen. The vane should be ready in a week.