A&E closure: ‘Grantham people pay their taxes and deserve better’

Coun Linda Wootten
Coun Linda Wootten

Mayor of Grantham Councillor Linda Wootten has demanded assurances that the overnight closure of the A&E department at Grantham Hospital will not become permanent.

Her comments come as the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust announced its intention yesterday (Thursday) at a news conference at the hospital.

Coun Wootten said: “After attending ULHT board meetings for the last eight years I am not at all convinced that any closure of the Grantham A&E unit will be a temporary measure.

“Look at the LHAC [a county-wide review of healthcare, the results of which have been delayed several times], where’s that? Pushed back and pushed back again, that’s just not efficient and seems unprofessional.

“Yes there is a shortage of consultants, but why withdraw the cover from Grantham? Why, because they can, as we are an easy target.

“Everyone seems to overlook the fact that we are a growth area and once we lose this facility it certainly won’t be reinstated. We will be told we have coped with the closure or reduced hours and I believe they will take away our A&E service by the back door, regardless of us being on a mainline rail link or near the A1.

“I know there has to be a consultation to officially close down the A&E but that’s easy when the deed is done. Grantham people pay their taxes and we deserve better and, as Mayor of Grantham, on behalf of the people of Grantham I would need an assurance that temporary is just that – TEMPORARY.