Anger as brazen pair take appliance from garden in Grantham

CTTV footage shows the couple taking the dishwasher.

CTTV footage shows the couple taking the dishwasher.

A homeowner is seething after a man and a woman entered his garden and took a kitchen appliance without permission.

Paul Humphreys, 58, left the dishwasher outside his front door, several metres from the road, for collection by Currys as a new appliance was delivered.

He was surprised to receive a call from his wife later that day asking where he had put it.

Confused, Mr Humphreys later checked footage from CCTV on the house and was furious to see two people walk the full length of his gated garden, in Harrowby Lane, Grantham, to take the machine.

In footage posted on the Journal’s Facebook page, you can see the couple walk brazenly through the gate, pick it up and take it away.

He said: “If I’d put it at the front gate then OK, but near the front door...

“It’s not too much trouble because it was waiting to go, but it’s the principle.

“I want to make people aware – don’t put anything out that you don’t want taken. When I do the garden in the summer I leave the tools out there if I come in for a break but now I won’t be doing that.”




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