Grantham adventure seeker plans Europe-wide mission to help others

Paris Ellinas, centre, with Ardmore language school students and the van he will be driving across Europe.

Paris Ellinas, centre, with Ardmore language school students and the van he will be driving across Europe.

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A 22-year-old from Grantham has decided to travel across Europe in order to carry out good deeds for anyone who needs a helping hand.

Paris Ellinas, who grew up in Fletcher Street, is no stranger to travelling, having packed up his entire life in a car last year and moved to Slovakia and Ukraine to teach English.

He was in Kiev when the latest troubles started, but even in the midst of this he was struck by the kindness of perfect strangers.

He said: “Over there you didn’t even have to ask for help to be given it. So many people made my life a lot easier, and it was life-changing for me. I just changed massively as a person.”

Inspired by the generosity of others, Paris is now planning to drive a van across 17 countries in Europe for an entire year, and along the way help those he meets as well as drive to those who ask for his help.

He is using social media and the website Trevolta to spread the message about his trip, and moreover to enable people to contact him about any assistance they need.

As he explains on his Trevolta page: “I will spend a few weeks in each country helping the people that need it. So if you have an uncle in Spain who needs a hand fixing the leak in his roof, if your sister in Slovakia needs help decorating, or you need help with something in your life, tell me and I’ll come driving.”

He is also prepared to do any challenges people suggest to him through the website or social media, with one of the most amusing requests he has already had being to take a photograph of himself with 60 model dwarfs in Poland.

Paris is currently working for Ardmore language schools, providing sports and activities for students learning English, and has saved up enough to be able to purchase a van for the journey.

However he requires further funding for fuel, food and to make the van habitable for a year, and therefore is asking for donations via his Trevolta page at

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