Grantham counter-protest is about freedom says organiser ahead of EDL march today

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A group formed a fortnight ago to counter the English Defence League march in Grantham today says they are planning a peaceful gathering in support of religious freedom.

One of the organisers, John Morgan, said inside the railings of Abbey Gardens, next to the headquarters of South Kesteven District Council: “We hope to get 100 people today and they will all be from Grantham or at least Lincolnshire, not like the EDL, who are bussing people in from all over the place.”

John Morgan

John Morgan

He continued: “I don’t know how many Muslims there are in Grantham, but I would guess there are fewer Baptists and they have a church. And I guess there are even fewer Jehovah’s Witnesses in this town, but they have a place of worship as well. So why can’t the Muslims have the same? This is about freedom, the freedom of religion.”


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