Horse rescued from its box as car bursts into flames in the Vale

Car bursts into flames, with horse box visible behind. Photo: Lionel Heap

Car bursts into flames, with horse box visible behind. Photo: Lionel Heap

When horse rider Sue Hale’s car suddenly burst into flames on a country lane she wasted no time in rushing to rescue family horse Eddie, from the attached trailer, with the help of her son Callum.

Mrs Hale, 49, and her 14-year-old son were driving home from a horse riding event in Old Dalby on Monday afternoon when they started to smell smoke.

Mrs Hale pulled over to investigate, at the junction of Clawson Lane and Scalford Road, Eastwell, and seconds later her car bonnet erupted into flames.

The pair quickly sprang into action and, after managing to flag down some passers-by, were able to pull the trailer off their flaming Mitsubishi 4x4 and push it to safety.

Callum was then able to lead Eddie, 7, who was unfazed by the situation, to a nearby farm while Sue called the emergency services.

Mrs Hale, of Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir, said: “It was awful. The minute we stopped the car, big flames came out the sides of the bonnet and spread so that in the end half the car was burnt out, it’s a complete write off and I’d only had it for three years.

“I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t stopped in time.”

Luckily, three drivers and a cyclist stopped to help the Hales when they spotted the fire.

Mrs Hale said: “They helped push the trailer as far away from the fire as we could get it, and then a nearby farmer let Eddie stay in his stable.

“Everyone was very helpful considering how dangerous the situation was. I want to say a big thank you to all of them.”

A fire crew from Melton attended the scene to put out the fire along with two police cars, who helped divert traffic while the incident was being dealt with.

It is understood the fire was caused by an electrical fault.




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