Made in Chelsea now planted in Grantham

Woodland Trust staff Anna Heathcote and Victoria Hodson at Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre.

Woodland Trust staff Anna Heathcote and Victoria Hodson at Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre.

Plants exhibited at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show will now be growing at Grantham care homes courtesy of donations by the Woodland Trust.

The Trust’s display ‘Beauty Sleeping’, which demonstrated the importance of restoring ancient woodland sites, won a silver medal at the prestigious horticultural show.

Now that the annual flower celebration has ended, the Trust has decided to give back to the community by donating a variety of woodland plants from their exhibit to Gregory House and Apple Trees Care and Reablement Centre for residents to enjoy.

On Wednesday, Woodland Trust staff planted trees and flowers including silver birch, wood anemones, bluebells and dog violets, to create a little piece of woodland at the homes.

Beccy Speight, the Woodland Trust’s new Chief Executive said: “The Chelsea Flower Show was an exciting way to show people the hidden gems that ancient woodland restoration can uncover.

“However, now that the event has passed we are thrilled to move the plants and trees from the event to the two Grantham care homes.

“Woods and trees are of vital importance and the benefits of green spaces to the elderly are well-known. For example, many report lower levels of mental stress and increased life satisfaction when living in greener areas.

“We hope that the plants will be a source of enjoyment for all who visit the care homes in the future.”

Denise Booth and Anne Upton, the Managers of Apple Trees and Gregory House, were delighted to have been approached by the Woodland Trust.

They said: “We are so thrilled by this generous gesture by the Woodland Trust. The people living with us benefit tremendously from being able to enjoy the outside space around our homes.

“We’ve all been following the Chelsea Flower Show on TV, and to have these wonderful trees and plants, which were exhibited there, is very exciting. They will certainly enhance our gardens and make a real difference to everyone living here. We can’t say thank you enough!”




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