Rockstar treatment for Grantham band at Californian recording studios

The band mates are, from left, Tom Shelton, Josh Horsfall, Matt Grocott and Joe Michelson.

The band mates are, from left, Tom Shelton, Josh Horsfall, Matt Grocott and Joe Michelson.

A rock band formed by four youths who grew up in Grantham have recorded an album in America with top record producers.

Matt Grocott and The Shrives is comprised of 19-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist Matt, lead guitarist Josh Horsfall, 19, 18-year-old Tom Shelton on bass and drummer Joe Michelson, aged 20.

They describe their sound as a mix between rock, country, ska and punk, and have already gathered a following around town and in the UK through gigs and social media.

However Matt Grocott and The Shrives have now gone international, with Matt and Josh going over to Jingletown Recording Studios in Oakland, California, in March to put together their debut album.

The opportunity came about as Matt has got to know Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of the punk rock band Green Day, after discussing their music and bands online.

Billie Joe who has led Green Day to world-wide fame with hits such as ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ was struck by the sound of the Grantham band and invited Matt and Josh out to California.

Mattsaid: “I used to talk to Billie Joe about bands over the internet, and to have someone from Green Day listening to your music is incredible.”

Still reeling from their trip across the pond, Josh added: “We were treated like rockstars.”

As well as hanging out with the Green Day front-man, his son and drummer Joey Armstrong fromOaklandrockers Emily’s Army was also on hand during the recording sessions, and the teenagers are thrilled with the tracks they’ve created together.

The album is not yet available to buy, but Matt Grocott and The Shrives have big plans for the future including a tour this August.

For more information on the band including dates and locations of their tour, go to www.mattgrocott.com




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