Take the leap into fostering says Grantham freefaller

Suzanne Stevens took the 15,000ft leap because she wants others to leap into fostering.

Suzanne Stevens took the 15,000ft leap because she wants others to leap into fostering.

To encourage more people to take that leap into fostering, a local woman has decided to take her own leap - although this one happened to be out of a plane flying 15,000ft over Lincolnshire.

Suzanne Stevens, 37, whose parents Dave and Jo are foster carers, did the skydive to raise awareness of National Foster Care Fortnight from May 12-25.

The mother-of-three from Carlton Scroop said: “I’m really proud of what my parents do as foster carers and wanted to help raise awareness of the need for more foster carers. Free falling at 120mph was worth it if it helps to find a family for more children who need looking after.

“My parents make a difference every day, and so could others if they take the leap into fostering,” she added.

Prior to the jump Suzanne had been wing-walking, which involves standing on a plane’s wing while it is in flight, but not finding this exciting enough she decided to head over to Hibaldstow to try out skydiving.

This time her airborne experience certainly didn’t disappoint, as she said: “I wasn’t scared until we were at the door, and then I saw how high up we were. But the rush was amazing - we were freefalling for 60 seconds at 120mph.”

While enjoying the adrenaline rush, the purpose of Suzanne’s freefall was to highlight the urgent need for more foster carers, with a national estimate that 8,600 are needed this year alone.

“There are too many children that need care. People don’t realise that anyone can be a foster carer, whether you are single or married, gay or straight, whatever your race and whether you own or rent your home,” added Suzanne.

For more information on how to become a foster carer, contact Lincolnshire Fostering Service on 0800 093 3099, or visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/adoptionandfostering




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