VIDEO: Crackdown on vehicles which are destroying wildlife corridor near Grantham

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People are destroying an area of beauty by driving their vehicles through it and preventing wildlife from flourishing there.

Agencies are cracking down on those people who are driving their vehicles along The Drift, a 4km stretch of The Viking Way from Saltby airfield to the A607, which has been designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).

A few weeks ago concrete bollards and ‘dragon’s teeth’ (concrete blocks) were installed to prevent vehicles from accessing the public highway. It is illegal for mechanical vehicles to be driven along this stretch of highway. The bollards and dragon’s teeth need to be spaced apart to allow horses and carts through, as they can legally use the route, but this means motorbikes can also get through.

Five signs along the route telling people that it is illegal to drive vehicles there have been vandalised and taken down.

Today representatives of the police, Natural England and Lincolnshire County Council Highways Authority said they were working together to stop illegal use of the highway and to try and revive the wildlife there.

PC Nick Smith, of Lincolnshire Police, said there is a zero tolerance of people using vehicles on The Drift and they will be prosecuted and their vehicles could be confiscated.




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