MP seems to put profit before people

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DOES MP Nick Boles intend to bring back a replica of the Victorian Poor Laws. The deserving and undeserving poor.

You don’t sign Early Day Motions because they are ‘political graffiti’ (your words). So, you won’t criticise the profit-mad greedy exploiting energy companies?

You said on Question Time on BBC television in July 2011 that The News International phone hacking scandal is a ‘little local difficulty puffed up by Labour’. Pot calling kettle again, I think.

Will you vote for changes to the rail industry? The McNulty report says they are too expensive. The CEO of First Group who own a lot of them said: “The financial interests of shareholders [and not passengers or tax payers - my parenthesis] remain the company’s overriding interest.”

I think we know only too well whose side you are on. It’s profits before people.

PS: Ask your good friend Dave if he enjoyed riding the police horse loaned to Rebekah Brooks. Now that’s political graffiti.

Anthony Hindmarch