Mr J. W. Roberts

MR Joseph William Roberts, of Bottesford, has died at home. He was 92.

MR Joseph William Roberts, of Bottesford, has died at home. He was 92.Born into a farming family at Sutton cum Granby, Nottinghamshire, he had two brothers and three sisters. He attended school at Granby and Bottesford, where his talent for woodwork was formed. He left school aged 14 and worked for a wheelwright and funeral director at Langar, later travelling to Nottingham, on his bike, as an apprentice joiner. During this time he also took on jobs locally and decided to set up his own business when he was 20-years-old, starting out from a shed on the family farm.

He moved to Bottesford in 1937 using rented premises in the Red Lion yard, later moving to larger premises on the corner of High Street and Barkestone Lane, employing over 500 people, including 71 apprentices. He moved to his Devon Lane premises in the mid 1970s. He was responsible for building Belvoir High School at Bottesford, Grantham Crematorium, and many council houses and petrol stations in the wider area. In March 1940, he conducted his first funeral and carried on conducting funerals in and around the Vale of Belvoir and further afield until he was in his late 80s.

He married Joan and they had three sons, Ken, Barrie and Keith. They later had six grandchildren and six great grandchildren, all of whom he was very proud. His wife predeceased him in May 2007.

He was a member of the Institute of Master Builders and a founder member of the Vale of Belvoir Lions CLub. He was a regular worshipper at Bottesford Methodist Chapel. He enjoyed playing golf at Stoke Rochford, where he made many friends. He enjoyed holidays to Scarborough during cricket week and he spent many happy hours tending his garden.

The funeral service took place at St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, conducted by Canon Alan Haydock, the Rev Lesley Taylor and Brian Gordon. Tribute was given by Norman WIlkinson. Pall bearers were Ray Bolland, John Smeeton, Cob George and Tony Draper, all of whom had been his apprentices and had worked for him.

Family mourners included: Ken and Marion, Barrie and Gillian, Keith and Lois, Helen, Daubrah, Ian Roberts, Keith and Sally Roberts, Aideen Atkinson, Neil and Sue Roberts, Hilary and James Reid, William and Esme Daubrah, Ben and Edward Roberts, and James and Sophie Atkinson.

Other mourners included: Eric and Margaret Tuckwood, Robert Brown, Gail and Ray Bolland, Rita Clark, Pam Shaw, Yvonne Box, Denys Cave, Vic Winters and Pat Bassett, Lionel Rastall, Nora Parkin, Freda Dunwell, Mrs E. Taylor, Mrs N. Davies, Norman Wilkinson, Peter and Peggy Topps, Tony and Eunice Draper, Cob and Liz George, John and Jean Smeeton, Don and Pauline Poyser, Brian and Barbara Garton, Mrs B. Cooper, Mrs M. Faircloth, Fiona and John Solomon, Mrs J. Bloomfield, Ian Hough and Jon Whiles, Mr K. Simpson, Lesley and David Milner, Mr W. Boucher, Mrs M. Spowage, Mrs B. Holmes, Mr B. Richardson, Angie Wilson, John and Jean Sheardown, Nell Beckett, Betty Beckett, Mike and Penny Pickering, Byron Rhodes, Joy and John Simpson, David Atkins, the Rev Christine Perry, the Rev David Harper, the Rev Tony Pick, Chloe and Robin Fairchild, Bill Brown, Ted Evans, Richard and Melanie Taylor, Mr K. Palmer and Mrs V. Palmer, John and Rebecca Ronan, Tim Stansby, Rupert Inglesant, Peter and Bambi Hornbuckle, Pru Chandler, Barbara B. Hart, Desmond and Barbara Taylor, Maureen Wright, Brigadier Charles Smith, Roger Turnbull, Ian Kitchener, Howard Partridge, Roger Brown, Mr T. Finnegan, Mr and Mrs D. TIngle, Mr S. Tingle, D. J. Hall, Veronica and Reg Cullum, Norman and Barbara Cummins, John Howitt, Steve Wells, Fred Harston, Kit Smith, Bill and John Burrows, Gary Millar, D. A. De Vos, V. A. Daglish, Stephen Barratt, Frank Wilkinson, J. Davies, Norman Grass, Mick Markham and Sue Bristow, Irene Jackson, Mr and Mrs B. Burdett, W. Dyer, Mr K. Morley, Mr M. Smith, Rosemary Richards, Anne Minkley, Lance Minkley, John and Dorothy Plowright, Mr and Mrs K. Greasley, Barry and John Wright, Bob and Margaret Pacey, Michael Hall, Brian Silverwood, Lawrence Cragg, David and Barbara Owen, Mr S. Galpin, Denys Lambley, John and Ann Baggaley, Melvyn Glass, Phil Sutton, Terry Box, Margaret Langton, Dennis Tinkley, Mrs F. Tinkley, Graham Parker, John and Kathleen Panter, Richard Branston, Chris Allsop, Herbert and Eileen Plummer, Mr C. Plummer, P. Kuzio, John E. Brown, Terry Saxby, William Sutton, John Marrison, Jane Wilcock, Pippa Ryan, Ernie Abraham, Julia Jones, Frances Stapleton, Eileen Boyce, Tonya Pacey, Marion Cole and Derek White, Mr M. Neale, Noel Carolan, Ray and Florence Pritchett, Alan Pritchett, Eric and Joan Glover, Joan Watson, George Tinkley and Freda Stanley, Doreen Wetherell, V. Sippett, Vicky Lyos, Karen Gillard, Mrs P. Southwood, Mrs B. Armstrong, Steve and Mary Morley, Mr J. Hills and Mrs I. Hills, John and Mary Dewey, Will Rowbotham, Mrs J. Winter, Mr R. Carter, Mrs J. Carter, Mrs P. Taylor, Mrs J. Jackson, Claude and Margaret Watchorn, Mr R. N. Claricoats, Mrs W. O. Claricoats, Peter and Jackie Simpson, Judy and Geoff Goodson, Allan Palmer, George and Maureen Dolby, Iris Miller, George and Muriel Cooke, Eric and Margaret George, Phil Frost, David Madge, Mr D. Welbourn, John and Carole Tinkley, Mrs B. Holmes, Don Copley, Colin and Susan Love, Colin Rump, Noel Knight, Simon Parkes and Vicky Large, Dan Hassell, Paul Ward, Dr K. Rice, Jean and Gerald Rastall, Roy and Christine Booth, Mr and Mrs R. Thorpe, John and Shirley Daybell, Mick and Jill Rasdall, Mr D. Cooper, Mrs P. Smith, Sylvia Girdlestone, Mick Pacey, Mr N. Smith, G. Kirk, Mrs V. WIlkinson, Linda O'Connor, Mrs A. Jackson, Graham Wade, Herbert Daybell, Mrs I. Robinson, Sid and Jean Culpin, Mrs P. Bowcock, Tina Harkin, Margaret Waudby, Charlotte Bugg, Mr and Mrs R. Boyce, Mr and Mrs D. Musson, Mr and Mrs S. Coy, Robert and Di Donger, Trevor M. Illsley, Colette McCormack, Carl McKenzie and Tracey-Jayne Daubrah, John and Jennifer Daubrah, Jill Bagnall, John Price and family, Ralph Hawkins, R. E. Taylor, David and Helen Taylor, Mr and Mrs T. Fisher, Richard Coy, Beryl Smith, Glenys and Melvyn Claricoats, Janet Greenhalgh, Stan Taylor, Gwyneth Tivey, Linda Simmons, John and Jean Hammond, Richard and Margaret Smith, S. Williams, David Kirk, Frank and Janet Kyle, Mr and Mrs P. Scott, Billy Turner, Kathleen Turner, Belinda Thomas, Susan Dunsmore, Jean Turner, Herbert Turner, Michael Calcraft, Stan Burton, Susan Hall, Ted and Kathleen Rayson, Ivy McElroy, John and Pauline Goodson, Neville Hopewell, Dennis and Joan Kirk, Megan Merrick, Mr and Mrs J. Hogan, Ian and Sharon Smith, Mrs L. Shaw, Ted and Marian Johnson, Mrs C. Palul, Cheryl Hibbert, Jean Gregory, Amelia Ward, George Bolland, Irene and John James, Carol and Bob Towlson, Pat and Norman Staples, Vic and Mu Martin, Kate Stannard, Grenville Taylor, Mr and Mrs A. Gamble, Barry and Jill Gamble, Jack Gamble, Barbara Baxter, John and Lorraine Wilkinson, Mrs O. Baker, Graham Smith, L. M. Barber, Alan Reed, Dorothy Beedham, Brian and Wendy Cross, John Topps, Prof martin Seabrook, Pam, Peter and Richard Jackson, Neil McCorquodale, Andrew Thompson, Margaret Taylor, Michael and Joy Taylor, Anne Hewitt, Bernard Walker, Rod Rawson, John Johnson, Bernard Johnson, George and Jean Norris, Ian and Joan Norris, Geoff and Pat Norris and John Norris.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations to be divided between Bottesford Methodist Chapel and St Mary's Church, Bottesford, amount to 1,587.02 to date.