Mr P. A. Hennessy

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MR Peter Aloysius Hennessy, of Bottesford, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 91.

Mr Hennessy was born in Monaghan, Ireland, the second eldest of four sons and three daughters. He gained entry to the Christian Brothers Academy, where his love of poetry began and which never left him.

His father was a cattle trader and he helped him, together with cutting turf for heat and egg packing.

In 1941 he came to England and joined Lindsey Parkinson Civil Engineers, where he started at the bottom, greasing engines, and working his way up to maintaining airfields for the war effort. It was while working at Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire, that he met Phyllis, who worked in the YMCA canteen. They were married in 1944 and moved to Leeds, followed later by a move to South Wales.

In 1946 he began work on the railway, as assistant to the shunter and following promotion, moved to Nottingham in 1949. He studied for his exams and was appointed station master at Lamport, Northamptonshire, in 1956, where the family enjoyed life in the countryside with livestock, pets, an allotment and their first car.

In 1964 the family moved to Normanton and were very happy there, again keeping cattle, pigs, geese and poultry and hay making. Mr Hennessy retired from the railway in 1981.

In 1992 he and his wife moved to The Paddocks, Bottesford. He leaves his wife, two daughters, three sons and 13 grandchildren.

The funeral service was held in St Mary’s Church, Bottesford, conducted by Fr Anthony Dolan. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Phyllis Hennessy, Eddie and Shirley Hennessy, Sophie and Jack, James and Sophie, Sheila and Peter Murphy, Neil, David, Peter and Claire, Dave and Kathryn Johnson, Brigid Headland, Josie and Mark, John Philip and Angie, Peter and Sandra Hennessy, Lucy and Mick, Peter Philip and Fiona Hennessy, Adam, Amy and James, Vera Meakin, Nuala and Jeffrey Meakin, Yvonne Meakin, Paul Meakin, Adrian and Carolyn Meakin, Eamonn and Anne McKenna, Maureen Long, Margaret O’Leary, Yvonne Falahee, Antony and Anne Blissett, Michael Blissett, Jenny Richards and Noel and Kathleen Dolan.

Other mourners included: John Baggaley, Brian and Shena Rumbold, Noel Carolan, Peter and Anne Kevan, Norman and Barbara Cummins, Bella Doherty, Pat Rollings, Peter Rollings, Alan Holderness, Ann Holderness, Langley Holderness, Kayley Holderness, Des Taylor, Mick and Janet Greenhalgh, Jason McAteer, Brett McAteer, David Roderick, Eva Keegan, Mr and Mrs J. Reek, John Beevers, Derek Collett, Jean and Arthur Gamble, Claire Bradley, Muriel Cooke, Emma Roffe, Lucinda Gamble, Michael and Gladys Gamble, Nikki Carman and Davina Sharp.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations to be divided between St Mary’s Churches, Bottesford and Grantham, amount to £121.37 to date.