Obituary: Mr D. J. Walsh

Danny Walsh.
Danny Walsh.

Mr Daniel James Walsh, of Shakespeare Avenue, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 30.

Born in Grantham, on January 8, 1983, he was the son of Debbie and Miley and sister to Hayley.

He attended Belmont Primary School and then St Wulfram’s Secondary School.

Mr Walsh was the partner of Katie, daddy to Connie and Layla-May and step-father to Molly and Josh.

He started work as a bricklayer and went on to work in the building trade, having worked for a number of companies.

His interests included darts, football and golf.

He loved his family and family life.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev Chris Boland, with readings by Courtney Grant and Robert Holland. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Pall bearers were Dec Cronin, Adam Grant, Alby Fox, Ky Fox, Aaron Conboy and Aaron Piggott.

Family mourners included: Katie Loosemore, Debbie Walsh, Trevor Fox, Myles Walsh, Jacky Walsh, Hayley Walsh, Cora Cronin, Dec Cronin, Adam Grant, Mandy Grant (Weeble), Jim McGurk, Dave Andrew, Hayley Angeloni, Jay Fox, Alby Fox, Lesley Drury, Ky Fox, John Cronin, Julie Stanton, Courtney Grant, Layla-May Walsh, Josh Loosemore, Molly Loosemore.

Other than the immediate family, mourners included: Aaron Conboy, Aaron Piggott, Jim Storey, Maureen Pattison, Pearl page, Harry Page, Martin Dixon, Sue Dixon, Bob Soar, Jayne and Martin Walsh, Tash Vernon, Nina Vernon, Mark Bellamy, David and Sarah Phillips, Aimee Dilloway, Eddie Grant, Lynda Bostock, Cilla Thompson, Kim Thompson, Michelle Short, Becky Luttik, Wayne, Emma and Michelle McDonald, Martin Dixon Jnr, Micky Dixon, Anthony Dixon, Chris Dixon, Shane Eaton, Heather Morley, the Angeloni family, Nathan Stretton, Tom Sawyer, Becky Anderson, Emma Piggott, Sharon Wintin, Andy Sutton, Johnny Ferry, Tash Dixon, Wendy Thompson, Geoff Thompson, Vicky Winfield, Stephen Gurd (Buzz), Kaye Hawkins, Tessa and Martin Hawkins, Darren Cooper, Martin McAndrew, Lyn Elstone, Julie Fardell, Mark Fardell, Dale Scothern, Marie Scothern, Dean Scothern, Sally Fox, Lauren Fox, Dawn Gray, Mr and Mrs P McGarvey, Scott Pattison, Lisa Capes, Ryan Capes, Sarah Kennedy, Ben Piper, Stacey Piper, Sarah Webster, Neil Webster, Jean Buglass, Mr Kirk, Mr Brandreth, Catherine Smith, Joe Bristow, Laura Parker, Tony Skerritt, Ian Johnson, Kelly Tuckwood, Cecilie Ingoldby, Matt Hodgkin, Marie Wyles, Paul Henson, Judy LeHair, Mark Henson, Louise and Graham Wilson, Keith Davison, Simon Devereux, Chelsea Devereux, Donna Devereux, Joshua Dawes, Rhiannon Davies, Anthony Devereux, Curtis Devereux, Scott Newcombe, Gemma Newcombe, David and Louise Kirkby, Jodie Kirkby, Dan Fearn, Debbie Stretton, Lee Daglish, Mick Cant, Dave Horner, Pete Brothwell, Mark Fardell, Lee Hanratty, Mick Malley, John Lynskey, Mark Browett, Steve Sale, Tara Storey, Shaun Storey, Lisa Morton, Warren Morton, Samantha Edwards, Dave Edwards, Rachel Chapman, Sally Wright, Simon Down, Jeff Ward, Sally Ann Doughty, Sam Lofthouse, Carl Lorenz, Martin Sneesby, Matthew Bellamy, Glynis Bellamy, Angie Emms, Andrea Hardy, Rosie McGowan, Andrea Smith, James Brown, Darren Glover, Darren and Kelly Gray, Daryl and Linny Longman, Martin Cant, Lee Smith-Collins, Samantha Johnson, Gemma Holt, Lorna and Mark Jackson, Claire Harrington, Martin Dolby, Robyn Storey, Chaunie Dolby, Delly Wollerton, Des Bingham, Coun Bruce Wells, Miss Emma Wells, Rose Dexter, Claire Bryan, Sam Wilson, Holly Dowdles, Josie Guilfoile, Mrs Page, Jean Cuthbertson, T. Askew, Gavin Thulborn, Mr and Mrs Parke, Marie Percival, Jemma Martin, Jamie Leigh Martin, Shelly Cope, Irene Percival, Mary Down, Dieter Drechsler, Sharon Levick, Jason Dodwell, Audrey Dodwell, Stacey Cronin, Ricky Tuffs, Michelle Jarrett, Victoria Bolton, Lewis Farman, Mrs Hodgkin, George and Lynda Dykes, Deborah Hoyes, Jannah Longman, Pam and Malc Coverage, Sami Humbey, Daniel Wright, Tony and Margaret McInnes, Steve and Annette Webb, Scott Webb, Sue Sawyer, Haley Sawyer, Martin Proctor, Susan Wilson, Joanne Wilson, Marie Sparks, Margaret Ford, Rachel Ford, Nick Pacey, Jason Parke, Gemma Thorpe, Paddy Walsh, Tracie Morton, Jordan Wormall, John, Sandra and Jamie Webster, Lee Winters, Nikki Dexter, Natasha Bennett, Jack Drury, Tom Feely, Darren LeHair, Jamie Barratt, Yvonne Ferry, Paddy Ferry, Chris Norton, Laura Hitch, Patrick Clarke, Sarah Page, Selina Hitch, Desiree Page, Tez Fahy, Chloe Fahy, Lauren Sheen, Chris and Vicky Sale, Nicki Herbert, Becky Herbert, Jason Mitchell, Zoe Miller, Simon and Sally Harby, Jackie Sentence, Emma Woodward, Melanie Woodward, Caroline Woodward, Nick Murphy, Ellen Crompton, Fiona Hennessy, Jason Hennessy, Emily O’Neil, P. J. O’Neil, Philip Walsh, Regan Purcell, Peggy Doyle, Teresa Doyle, Sean Walsh, Alex Charles, Mary Walsh, Stephen Walsh, Liz Walsh, Jan Dunphy, Mr and Mrs C. Lane, Jo Turner, Christine and Nigel Pascoe, Mandy Angeloni, Sabrina Angeloni, Sue Miller, Pam Darcey, Mr and Mrs G. Sentance, Michael Collins, Elizabeth Birkinshaw, Nicole Worthington, John Barrand, Julie Whitworth, Sam Sylvester, Wendy Sylvester, Pete Drury, Martin Sylvester, Danny Wormall, Kim Pell, Lee Cronin, Lianne Rayson, Jim Freeman, Samantha Cronin, Barry Grundy, Becki Storey, Paula Scothern, June Harvey, Tony Harvey, David and Stephanie Lee, David Jackson, Marlene Jackson, Laura Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Matthew Sawyer, Matt Price, Jason Capodici, Regan Willett, Mary Kirk, Natalie Hehir, Barry and Marge Roberts, John and Maureen Storey, Martin Storey, Paul Humphreys, Wendy Aspland, Stewart Morris, Stuart Allan, Martin Wormall, Liam Jacques, Janet Chevalier, Rhiannon Chevalier, Jacky Spavins, Jack Spavins, Tim Towler, Rachel Bird, Spike, Jordana Adlington, Kerry Fowler, Richard Drake (Drakey), Danny Mac, Nathan Wallace, Shane Sawyer, Marie Jones, Hayley Broadbent, Kyle Broadbent, Scott Webb, Polly Fox, Millie Fox, Wendy Friar, Andy Glackin, Box Hardy, Jane Johnson, Martin Hollingworth, Sam Crompton, Lisa Spencer, Gary Matthews, Carol and Martin Foster, Martin Hitch, Eileen Hitch, Terry and Alison Fox, Louise Fox, Robert Fox, Sarah Devereux, Curtis Devereux, Vic Marchant, Shamus Conboy, James Baxter, Hayley Baxter, Roxy Smith, Mel Sentence, Sue Ironmonger, Tony Lane, Mel Galtress, Mark Pearce, Darren Oakes, Chris Piper, Philippa Brennan, Dean Sawyer, Jay Pretty, Claire Harby, Paddy, Elaine Short, Joe McAndrew, Steve McAndrew, Bridget Mills, Adam Roberts, Hamish Roberts, Kirstie Fearnley, Jack Wilson, John Dunphy, Alison Short, Carly Short, Elizabeth Walsh, Stephen Walsh, Mary Walsh, Melissa Darcey, Kelly Short, Amy Oakes, Karl Oakes, Mr and Mrs Kennedy, Sue Reynolds, Laura Reynolds, Jackie Pells, Gina Wainwright, Danny Scotland, Maxine Ablewhite, Patricia King, Sylvia Smith, Carlton Dickinson, Kayleigh Dickinson, Leicester Dickinson, Vanessa Jackson, Kate Hipkiss, Danny Flower, Trina Flower, Charlie McGarvey, Michael Knight, Amanda Park, Cally Storey, Gemma Sheppard, Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Lee and Louis Short, Mr and Mrs S. Loosemore, Di Storey, Bob Storey, Richard Conboy, John Stanton, Janet Kennedy, Laura Kennedy, Liam Grant, Jodie Martin, Charlotte Kennedy, Nichol Fox, Paula Fox, Tammy Plumb, Shelly White, Michael Fox, Deborah Raynor, Nell Edwards, Sarah Loosemore, Louis Edwards, Emma Palmer, Vicky Palmer, Lucy Ward, Meg Chapel, Dale Dodwell, Jenny Hail, Helen Slight, David Philpotts, Gavin Skerritt, Lucy Chantry, Jackie Luettge, Dave Atter, Tony Atter, Richard Atter, Tracey Burden, Scotto Burden, Coral Burden, Rosie Smith, Donna Williams, Jessica Melinn, Mary Hogins, Katie Barker, Craig Whyley, Jack Whyley, Jack Donovan, Christopher Gibson, Steve Fardell, Tim Biffen, Paul Milne, Podge Turner, Anne Turner, Jamie Squires, Jane Squires, Kate Squires, Sharna Bullimore, Tammy Kaptein, John Cliveford, Laura King, William O’Boyle, Milly O’Boyle, Li O’Boyle, Callum Conboy, Anthony Willetts, Harley Marsh, Helen Makin, Linda Doughty, John Baldock, Maz, Odette Garrett, Tony Cox, Emma Bonsley, Tracey Edwards, Kylie Michniew, Lynn Hallstone, Moon, Joseph Conboy, Lee and Nicky Hall, together with mourners whose names may not have been taken.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.