Grantham Journal column: Preserving the good in the old, encouraging the good in the new

The Civic Society has had a good year with membership increasing to 161 and 187 people signed into our Facebook page.

SKDC Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is also chairperson of SOS Grantham Hospital, outside the A&E unit at the hospital EMN-160818-123745001

Grantham Journal column: Government must be prepared to pay for NHS for ‘everyone’

Margaret Greenwood Labour MP for Wirral West is due to present the NHS Bill for its Second Reading early in the new year.

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Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: Why can’t we take a leaf out of recycling by those great Danes?

For many years we are constantly told we must recycle to reduce waste with the government setting targets and local authorities investing huge amounts in the equipment to collect waste and local entrepreneurial firms like the Mountain family setting up recycling centres to turn waste into products for sale and reuse.

Coun Bob Adams, Conservative leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642 ENGEMN00120130424141642

Grantham Journal column: We are working hard to broadcast what we have to offer tourists

News that tourism in Lincolnshire was worth £1.34 billion last year has provided me with plenty of food for thought.

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Citizens Advice

Column: Search is on for volunteers to help at Grantham’s Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice in South Lincolnshire are looking for new volunteers able to commit to six hours per week, to train for a variety of roles, from reception, through assessors and advisors to research and campaigns co-ordinators, in the office at Grantham, and nearby outreaches.

Charmaine Morgan

Grantham Journal columnist Coun Charmaine Morgan: A big move forward on dealing with planning cases

After years arguing that there is an issue with the South Kesteven District Council planning process, I feel a breakthrough has finally been achieved. At this month’s Group Leaders’ meeting, it was agreed that in future if a planning officer is minded to ‘approve’ an application which a council member considers contentious then the case can be brought to the development control (planning) committee. Previously, the decision was down to the lead planning officer. Whilst the change will be monitored, it is a significant move forward.

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Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: I’m immersed in cook books after routine visit to my doctor

I had a routine blood test a few weeks ago and found that I had type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol reading was a bit too high.

Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles. EMN-151105-160103001

Grantham Journal column: MPs must ask what it is their constituents really want

This week the House of Commons held its first debate on the implementation of the people’s decision to leave the European Union.

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Grantham Hospital

Grantham Journal column: Hospital staff have ensured changes do not on patient care

The temporary night time closure of Grantham A&E remains the focus of a lot of attention at the moment, and for good reason. We know how important the hospital is to local people and ULHT will continue to work hard in recruiting the staff we need to safely deliver services across all our hospitals. The department continues to provide a quality service to the patients who attend during the opening hours of 9am to 6.30pm.

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SKDC Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is also chairperson of SOS Grantham Hospital, outside the A&E unit at the hospital EMN-160818-123745001

Grantham Journal column: Shame on you for this division and fear

With so many issues facing us at present locally it is hard to know where to turn.

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Nick Boles MP.

Grantham Journal column: Post-Brexit, we will need to have control over UK immigration

Although I voted for the UK to remain in the EU, I am determined to support Theresa May in her commitment to deliver Brexit.

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Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: Council must show vision

Planning Application S16/1810 for Highway works and Parks: The Poplar Farm estate is planned to be 1300 homes and a large roundabout access is required to Barrowby Road at its junction with Gloucester Road along with a “Ghost island” junction further towards the A1 which will connect to the Gladman Homes 300 dwellings development for which planning approval has now been given.

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Coun Bob Adams, Conservative leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642

Grantham Journal column: We are doing all we can to get the best possible service at the hospital

Feelings have been running high in Grantham following the news that our hospital accident and emergency unit is to remain closed between 6.30pm and 9am for at least three months.

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John Boulton

A&E closure: ‘Situation not ideal but the safest option’ says head of nursing at Grantham Hospital

In the first of a new series of monthly columns, head of nursing at Grantham Hospital John Boulton tells us ‘I think the future of Grantham Hospital is bright’.

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Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.

Grantham Journal column: A few minutes of your time could change our future

There’s only a few days left to have your say on plans that could change this area for years to come. The devolution consultation that has been running since June, is nearly at an end, but you can still take part.

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A personal view

Grantham Journal column: Do I have a bag? Errr, do you have a minute to let me explain...

A polite message to all bag-thrusting retailers – when I politely decline the bag that you automatically grab for my purchase, it’s not because I fear you may charge me.

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Coun Charmaine Morgan

Grantham Journal Column: Our future generation is at stake

In a bid to address issues identified, briefing sessions on housing in the East Midlands Council and South Kesteven District Council are taking place. Many in our communities reliant on social housing will shortly face a significantly more challenging future when it comes to security of their home. Affordability and availability are key concerns. There is a general shortage of both privately owned and rented homes. The reliance on the private sector to deliver housing is not working. In our district, even where the council has identified land for builders to use, development targets have not been met. There is a significant gap in the Government’s Housing Policy which emphasises home ownership. However, UK house prices and income levels mean at least a quarter of our population cannot afford to own their own home. Government policies are affecting those already living in, or, providing social housing. The Government is reducing incentives to provide social housing and has capped rents landlords can charge. As overheads increase, this puts financial strain on social housing providers. Council tenants are to see rent rises that will bring their costs in line with the private rented sector and secure tenancy for life is to be removed. This not only affects tenants but puts a huge burden on the council who will have to administer changes to tenancy agreements. The sale of council homes also outstrips the ability of local authorities to build replacement homes. New housing standards and regulations anticipated, though welcome, are likely to result in a significant loss of private rented housing accommodation as both public and private landlords potentially face large housing improvement bills and new rent caps. Other changes also affect tenants.

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Coun Ray Wootten.

Grantham Journal column: Town must retain A&E

Having recently been taken ill in the early hours of the morning, I attended the A&E in Grantham Hospital. I was admitted and spent three days in hospital before being transferred to the Lincoln hospital for specialised treatment.

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Coun Bob Adams, Leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642

Grantham Journal column: Give your view on this vision for our future

The last three to four weeks have thrown up some remarkable events in politics.

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Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles.

Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles tells why he backed Boris, switched to ‘political soulmate’ Gove...and resigned as minister

Nick Boles, MP for Grantham and Stamford, has had a turbulent fortnight, first backing Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader, then signing up as Michael Gove’s campaign manager. Here, he explains what happened and why he took the decision to resign from his ministerial role.

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