Grantham Journal column: My invitation to Donald Trump

My wife and I are so ashamed of those people who want to ban US President Donald Trump from making a state visit to this country that we have decided to issue an invitation of our own.

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Nick Boles, Conservative

Grantham Journal column: Politics has given me an extended lesson in humility

I am not a patient man. I am an even less patient patient.

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Peter Clawson.

Grantham Journal column: Hustings was not a democratic process

Whatever the outcome of the general election and the best efforts of the organisers of the so-called hustings in St Wulfram’s Church, the fact remains that a large part of the Grantham and Stamford constituency voters were effectively disenfranchised.

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Jaz Abeysekera

Grantham Journal Column: Take a look at the bigger picture when choosing a provider

Choosing a college or sixth form isn’t just about enrolling on to a course with good pass rates and valuable work experience.

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Fr Stuart Cradduck, rector of St Wulfram's Church, Grantham.

Grantham Journal column: May God wipe tears from the eyes of the people of Manchester

Bodies and blood.

Members of SoS Grantham Hospital took part in the #OurNHS march.

Grantham Journal column: Campaigners share the common goal of protecting services

Those involved in the Grantham Hospital campaign have been monitoring the decisions affecting the future of our hospital and local health services.

The Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan, MP for Melton

Grantham Journal column: An exciting 25 years as MP

Twenty-five years ago, I was first elected the Conservative Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton. Six parliaments later, my role remains as challenging, exciting and busy as it has ever been.

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Maxine Hughes - head of operations and clinical services at Grantham Hospital

Grantham Journal column: Quality patient care is number one priority for hospital trust

With the publication of the trust’s CQC report last week, the trust has been thrown into the spotlight once again.

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Charmaine Morgan. 803D ENGEMN00120131016144131

Grantham Journal column: It is vital we retain life-saving services at our hospital or we risk people dying

During the development of the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), by Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC), the long-term future of Grantham Hospital’s accident and emergency unit is to be decided.


Grantham Journal column: Encourage great new buildings and preserve the old

Encouraging good design for our new buildings is important but we also think it is important to preserve and study the oldest buildings we have.

Councillor Ray Wootten EMN-160815-093122001

Grantham Journal column: Sharing my cancer story may save a life

“I am sorry but you have prostate cancer.” These few words sent a shiver down my spine when I was first diagnosed.

Councillor Bob Adams, leader of South Kesteven District Council

Grantham Journal column: District council’s part of council tax bill will rise an average of £4

Council tax bills are not something that any of us look forward to.

Charmaine Morgan. 803D ENGEMN00120131016144131

Grantham Journal column: How will our MP vote on Bill which could undo health harm

SOS Grantham Hospital wishes to thank everyone who took part in the F4GH protest on Saturday, February 25, and who came to lend their support at the SOS Grantham Hospital stall.

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John Boulton

Grantham Journal column: I welcome new nursing associates to the hospital

At a time when the NHS is under extreme pressure and is also having to cope with a significant shortage of registered nurses, it is incredibly exciting that Lincolnshire was successful in their bid to take part in the pilot for the training of care staff in the new nursing associate role.

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Protest march through Grantham to highlight the closure of the A and E Department at Grantham Hospital

Columnist, Grantham MP Nick Boles: Fight will go on to get residents the vital service they deserve

Last week was a big week in politics for a lot of reasons, with Brexit dominating the national agenda as the Government presses ahead with the Article 50 Bill.

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Charmaine Morgan. 803D ENGEMN00120131016144131

Grantham Journal column: There are huge risks attached to plan to alter care funding

During this week’s meeting of Lincolnshire County Council’s communities and public health scrutiny committee, officers advised councillors that fundamental changes to future funding of supported housing schemes are under public consultation.


Grantham Journal column: It’s vital to plan ahead

There has been a lot in the news regarding patients in hospital beds across the country who don’t require hospital care.

Councillor Bob Adams, leader of South Kesteven District Council

Grantham Journal column: District’s volunteers work tirelessly for those less fortunate

The Christmas and new year break is nothing more than a memory now, but it did give me time to reflect on all the good things about Grantham and South Kesteven.

10 Downing Street. PNL-150912-103428001

Grantham Journal column: It must be cold outside 10 Downing Street late at night

In common with many of you, I watch the national TV news late in the evening. The scene often shifts to Downing Street or some other great office of state, palace or even Scotland Yard.


Grantham Journal column: First aid training in every school

I have been working to support Nick Boles MP for two months now, making sure that his office is still heavily involved in local issues and campaigns whilst he undergoes his cancer treatment. Recently, at a constituency surgery I was lucky enough to meet two ladies from the charity LIVES, who train and provide first responders across the county.

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