Columnist, Grantham MP Nick Boles: Fight will go on to get residents the vital service they deserve

Last week was a big week in politics for a lot of reasons, with Brexit dominating the national agenda as the Government presses ahead with the Article 50 Bill.

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Grantham Journal column: There are huge risks attached to plan to alter care funding

During this week’s meeting of Lincolnshire County Council’s communities and public health scrutiny committee, officers advised councillors that fundamental changes to future funding of supported housing schemes are under public consultation.


Grantham Journal column: It’s vital to plan ahead

There has been a lot in the news regarding patients in hospital beds across the country who don’t require hospital care.

Councillor Bob Adams, leader of South Kesteven District Council

Grantham Journal column: District’s volunteers work tirelessly for those less fortunate

The Christmas and new year break is nothing more than a memory now, but it did give me time to reflect on all the good things about Grantham and South Kesteven.

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Grantham Journal column: It must be cold outside 10 Downing Street late at night

In common with many of you, I watch the national TV news late in the evening. The scene often shifts to Downing Street or some other great office of state, palace or even Scotland Yard.


Grantham Journal column: First aid training in every school

I have been working to support Nick Boles MP for two months now, making sure that his office is still heavily involved in local issues and campaigns whilst he undergoes his cancer treatment. Recently, at a constituency surgery I was lucky enough to meet two ladies from the charity LIVES, who train and provide first responders across the county.

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The offical opening of the new opthalmology unit at Grantham Hospital.

Grantham Journal column: Opening of new eye unit is a very positive development

On Monday 5 December, the new ophthalmology unit opened its doors to its first patients at Grantham Hospital. This unit will provide much needed local access to eye patients in the Grantham and wider Lincolnshire area. The newly refurbished department was opened by the Mayor of Grantham who was given a tour of the department by the staff.

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The Angel and Royal Hotel

Then and Now: From the Ark to the Angel...

Noah’s Ark was situated on the corner of the High Street and Vine Street.

SKDC Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is also chairperson of SOS Grantham Hospital, outside the A&E unit at the hospital EMN-160818-123745001

Grantham Journal column: These health plans go against NHS principles

Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC) have finally launched the Lincolnshire STP.

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Councillor Bob Adams, leader of South Kesteven District Council EMN-160913-171122001

Grantham Journal column: We’re pushing to get new complex built

As we move into December there is no let up in the pace of what has been a hectic but productive year for Grantham and the surrounding area.

Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: Preserving the good in the old, encouraging the good in the new

The Civic Society has had a good year with membership increasing to 161 and 187 people signed into our Facebook page.

SKDC Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is also chairperson of SOS Grantham Hospital, outside the A&E unit at the hospital EMN-160818-123745001

Grantham Journal column: Government must be prepared to pay for NHS for ‘everyone’

Margaret Greenwood Labour MP for Wirral West is due to present the NHS Bill for its Second Reading early in the new year.

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Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: Why can’t we take a leaf out of recycling by those great Danes?

For many years we are constantly told we must recycle to reduce waste with the government setting targets and local authorities investing huge amounts in the equipment to collect waste and local entrepreneurial firms like the Mountain family setting up recycling centres to turn waste into products for sale and reuse.

Coun Bob Adams, Conservative leader of SKDC ENGEMN00120130424141642 ENGEMN00120130424141642

Grantham Journal column: We are working hard to broadcast what we have to offer tourists

News that tourism in Lincolnshire was worth £1.34 billion last year has provided me with plenty of food for thought.

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Citizens Advice

Column: Search is on for volunteers to help at Grantham’s Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice in South Lincolnshire are looking for new volunteers able to commit to six hours per week, to train for a variety of roles, from reception, through assessors and advisors to research and campaigns co-ordinators, in the office at Grantham, and nearby outreaches.

Charmaine Morgan

Grantham Journal columnist Coun Charmaine Morgan: A big move forward on dealing with planning cases

After years arguing that there is an issue with the South Kesteven District Council planning process, I feel a breakthrough has finally been achieved. At this month’s Group Leaders’ meeting, it was agreed that in future if a planning officer is minded to ‘approve’ an application which a council member considers contentious then the case can be brought to the development control (planning) committee. Previously, the decision was down to the lead planning officer. Whilst the change will be monitored, it is a significant move forward.

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Courtney Finn

Grantham Journal column: I’m immersed in cook books after routine visit to my doctor

I had a routine blood test a few weeks ago and found that I had type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol reading was a bit too high.

Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles. EMN-151105-160103001

Grantham Journal column: MPs must ask what it is their constituents really want

This week the House of Commons held its first debate on the implementation of the people’s decision to leave the European Union.

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Grantham Hospital

Grantham Journal column: Hospital staff have ensured changes do not on patient care

The temporary night time closure of Grantham A&E remains the focus of a lot of attention at the moment, and for good reason. We know how important the hospital is to local people and ULHT will continue to work hard in recruiting the staff we need to safely deliver services across all our hospitals. The department continues to provide a quality service to the patients who attend during the opening hours of 9am to 6.30pm.

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SKDC Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is also chairperson of SOS Grantham Hospital, outside the A&E unit at the hospital EMN-160818-123745001

Grantham Journal column: Shame on you for this division and fear

With so many issues facing us at present locally it is hard to know where to turn.

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