Grantham Journal column: Ambitious plans for town paid off despite economic downturn

South Kesteven District Council leader Linda Neal ENGEMN00120130731123901
South Kesteven District Council leader Linda Neal ENGEMN00120130731123901
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By Linda Neal, Leader of South Kesteven District Council

Monday was a very poignant day in the history of our country and whilst watching my candle flame dancing in the darkness, I found myself thinking of the thousands of young men, doubtless with hope in their hearts, setting out to fight for our freedom.

Their massive sacrifice is to be cherished and if it were not for their efforts, life could be very different for all of us today in South Kesteven.

Our corner of Lincolnshire is a really good place to live, with Grantham at its heart, but as the Conservative leader at South Kesteven District Council, I firmly believe there is no room for complacency. Despite the economic downturn and our significant budget reductions over recent years, I have remained convinced, based on what you have been telling us, that as a Conservative administration we should continue with our ambitious plans for the town.

Of course I am delighted that so many of the smaller projects (too numerous to mention here) have been and continue to be delivered, but it really is the ambitious development and redevelopment plans that are going to make the real difference. The relief road, the housing developments, the new cinema project, the employment opportunities, the building of new council homes, are all at different stages of coming to fruition.

Proof that determination pays off.

The easy route would have been to do what lots of other local authorities chose to do at the start of the recession – abandon their economic development projects. This was never an option for South Kesteven.

With the support of the cabinet and the whole of the Conservative administration group I have continued to push for what I believe Grantham deserves – a rosy future.