‘Long grass is a disgrace’ says Grantham resident

Long grass is a

Long grass is a "disrace" says Mrs P. Holmes, who wrote a letter to the Journal and enclosed this photo.

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Reader Mrs P. Holmes has written a letter to the Journal this week following a story in last week’s Journal reporting on complaints about uncut grass.

The report focused on complaints by residents who said grassed areas which South Kesteven District Council is responsible for are not being maintained properly.

This week, Mrs Holmes, of Caerbury Close, Grantham, wrote: “I feel I must complain about the new contractor employed to cut grass verges and the areas around sheltered housing. It’s now five weeks since our grass was cut and then it wasn’t done well, no strimming of edges and all the cuttings left on the pavement.

“The residents of Canterbury Close raise funds to buy plants to enhance the community centre and I work hard to try and keep pots and baskets nice. For several years we were awarded a place in the competition run by the council in conjunction with Veolia, the previous contractors, who were very good.

“For some of our residents this is all they look at every day. At the moment the grass is a disgrace.”

SKDC’s property development manager Neil Cucksey apologised to residents last week and added that Glendale, the new contractor which took over from Veolia earlier this year, has committed to improving standards.

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