Planning Applications Grantham and District

South Kesteven District Council
South Kesteven District Council
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Planning applications before South Kesteven District Council include:


S14/1032/DEXT - Mr M. Wright - Single storey rear extension (5m), 11 Heath Farm Close, Sudbrook.

S14/1034/DCLB - Elizabeth Tyndall - Submission of details in relation to the discharge of Condition 3 (joinery details) of planning approval S14/0178, Ancaster House, Ermine Street.

Aslackby and Laughton

S14/1072/AG - Geoff Key - Agricultural storage building, Grove Farm, Laughton.


S14/1013/HSH - John Woodward - Single storey side extension to dwelling, Springcroft, Thorns Lane.

Belton and Manthorpe

S14/0946/TCA - Jennifer Gardiner - Fell one leylandii tree, Belton Cottage, Barkston Heath Road, Belton.


S14/0927/MJRF - Peter Burrows - Demolition of existing industrial buildings and redevelopment of site for residential purposes (23 dwellings), Grimers Transport, West Road.

Carlton Scroop

S14/0744/HSH - Mr and Mrs N. Geeson - Erection of garden room to side and porch to front of dwelling, Hogglers Nook, Silkstone Lane.

Castle Bytham

S14/0643/DC - Jane Kaye - Approval of details reserved by Conditions 3 (materials), 5 (Drainage), 6, 11 (boundary treatments), 14 (access closure) and 16 (tree protection) of S13/1712/FULL, 1A Castlegate.


S14/0983/AG - Mr S. Daws - Erection of open farmland agricultural storage shed, Copley Farm, Doddington Lane.


S14/0928/FULL - Mr T. Tye - Extension to hay and straw barn, Ashleigh, Bourne Road.

S14/1055/TPO - Tony Wilkinson - Fell one horse chestnut tree, 11 Woodlands Drive.

S14/1085/FULL - Mr J. Wand - Erection of 30m self supporting radio monitoring mast, Travelodge, Great North Road (A1 southbound).

Corby Glen

S14/0911/DC - Michael Bentley - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (materials) and Condition 4 (joinery) of planning permission S13/0959/HSH (first floor rear extension), 5 Church Street.


S14/0875/LB - Miss H. Weston Smith - Alteration to listed building, 36 Market Place.

S14/1050/TCA5 - Jo Withnall - Fell tree as dangerous, land at Market Place.


S14/0539/EIAFP - Mr Baggaley - Installation of a single wind turbine with a hub height of 60m, blade diameter of 53m and maximum tip height of 86.5m with associated ancillary equipment (amended version of previously withdrawn scheme S13/1963), Top Farm, Back Lane.


S14/0920/HSH - Ms Clair Asher - First floor extension above garage, Valley View House, South Heath Lane.

S14/1023/DC - David Nelson - Approval of details required by Condition 2 of S13/2970, The Courtyard, Sudthorpe Hill.

S14/1079/DCLB - David Nelson - Approval of details required by Condition 2 of S13/2968, The Courtyard, Sudthorpe Hill.


S14/0825/ADV - Andy Gilliver - Erection of 10 flagpole signs, land off Balmoral Drive.

S14/0908/FULL - Miss T. Thorp - Change of Use industrial unit B2 to dog grooming salon, Unit 7, Burnside Industrial Estate, Turnpike Close.

S14/0960/HSH - Mrs P. Tunney - Single storey extensions to rear and side, and pitched roof over extensions, 351 Harlaxton Road.

S14/0972/HSH - Mr and Mrs D. Hood - Demolition of outbuilding and build rear extension, 160 Harrowby Road.

S14/1025/FULL - South Kesteven District Council - Variation of Condition 5 (relating to drainage) on planning permission

S13/3359, former garage site, East Avenue.

S14/1027/FULL - Robin Hall - Reinstatement of timber shopfront, American Pizza and Fish Barn, 9 Market Place.

S14/1067/EIASC - Grantham College - Request for Screening Opinion, Grantham College, Stonebridge Road.

Great Gonerby

S14/1073/AG - Robert Jenkinson - Erection of grain store, land off Newark Hill.


S14/1012/LB - Mr T. Waite - Alteration of listed building, 77 High Street.


S14/0978/HSH - Ms L. Atkin - Erection of detached garage, Manor Farm House, Mill Lane, Oasby.

Hough on the Hill

S14/1048/DCLB - Sue Archer - Approval of details reserved by Condition 2 (materials) of S13/3293/LB, Greystones, Hall Lane, Brandon.

Long Bennington

S14/0696/HSH - Joe Thompson - Single storey extensions to front and the erection of entrance gates, 12 Westborough Lane.

S14/0950/HSH - Mr K. Broxholme - Single storey extension to dwelling to include swimming pool, 6 Church Lane.

S14/0986/DEXT - Mr J. Thompson - Single storey rear extension (DEXT), 12 Westborough Lane.


S14/1042/HSH - Mr and Mrs C. Tarrant - Front extension and pitched roof over garage front, 13 Doctors Lane.


S14/1088/full - Marston Agricultural Services Ltd - Submission of details in relation to the removal of Conditions 4 (personal permission), 5 (use restriction), 6 (display of materials), and 8 (floor space use) of planning approval SK/57/1234/76, land at Tollbar Road.


S14/0907/LB - Robert Spencer - Replacement windows, White House Farm, Village Street.

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