Simply saying thank you sometimes does not come close to being enough

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THANK YOU sometimes seem so inadequate a word when used to show gratification in a given situation. Such is the opinion of the majority of the population when the subject of the NHS comes into the conversation.

One cannot praise the hard work and dedication of all at the hospital and in general practice throughout the town and the outlying areas enough.

Visitors and short-stay patients are unaware of the amount of work done in our hospital; not only by the nursing staff and doctors. The technicians, secretaries, clerks, porters, cleaners and tea-ladies; the ward would not be the same without them. Everyone deserves all the gratitude from us all, not only for the work they do but also for all the cheerfulness and genuine understanding to all.

The British health service has proved itself to be second to none and if it was permitted to conduct itself as it has done in the past, especially during the really bleak times, like in the 1940s, we showed the world how to keep the country together then, we can teach the world, if given the chance.


Belton Grove, Grantham