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Singer Terry Carey has quit showbusiness after 31 years.

Singer Terry Carey has quit showbusiness after 31 years. His decision came at daybreak on Easter Sunday as he returned home from a booking at the Mermaid Club, Withernsea, near Hull.

He said: "I arrived home at 3.50am and thought I could do without this.

"Ive been doing this since I was 17 and its time to pack it in."

His decision was endorsed the following weekend when his took his wife Gillian and three children to Dublin.

He said: "I knew then what Ive been missing all these years. Ive never spent Christmas or New Year with my family. I didnt know what a weekend with the kids was.

"Well now I intend to enjoy it."

Terry, 48, whose voice is reckoned to be a cross between Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck, has burned his bridges.

He said: "Ive sold all my gear and cancelled all engagements, including the Christmas bookings."

His first engagement was as drummer backing Dave Knight at the Lotus House, Market Place, Grantham. He then played variously for Pete Smith Sound, Times Changed and Street Life.

With the Leeson Brothers, Trev and Bob, he auditioned for TV talent show New Faces, then joined a Cheshire-based group to tour the Middle East on contract to BP.

He joined Trev Leeson as backing group for singer Lena Martell, who had a big hit with One Day at a Time, but Terry never enjoyed being away from home.

Then 12 years ago, he took the decision to become a solo singer. He was well received.

He was on the bill with the likes of former chart-toppers The Merseybeats and The Fourmost and comedian Stan Boardman. He recorded a number of CDs.

As singing took over from his job as a self-employed roofer, Terry, who lives in Queensway, Grantham, found showbiz a little too time-

consuming at five nights a week but recently has managed to cut down one day, usually Saturday night.

He said: "Even then, it takes 10 hours of your time for a 45-minute slot.

"Its just not worth it any more. It was great while it lasted, but now I want to sit in my garden with a glass of beer or go out with the family."